Devotional for Tuesday, July 26, 2016
“The Merciful Shall Obtain Mercy”


show mercy

by Dona Hake


Matthew 5:7 (TLB)

“Happy are the kind and merciful,

for they shall be shown mercy.”


The Lord has so freely shown us His mercy.  Even before we knew Him, even before we realized we needed Him, He was desiring to forgive us and redeem us to Himself.  As we look to Him and behold how beautiful His love is, and how merciful His heart is , we will come to realize the power and  beauty of being merciful to others.


Micah 6:8 (GNV)

He hath showed thee, O man, what is good, and what the Lord

requireth of thee: surely to do justly, and to love mercy,

and to humble thyself, to walk with thy God.


“Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.”  Deep down we could all admit that we want to be treated fairly especially by our family and friends.  Yet we know there are times that people will mess up and do not treat us kindly.  I love this quote because it reminds me that there will be times that I will mess up and in those times I hope that those around me will forgive me, and I can be reconciled if I have hurt them.   It makes me think before I react to those around me if I feel they are wrong.  It reminds me that I need to be quick to forgive and forget.


Lord, help us all to be merciful and see those around us the way You see them.  Help us to realize that we cannot forgive in our own ability but only with Your help and strength.  Help us to walk humbly before You, do justly to those around us,  and to love your mercy.  Amen.






Devotional for Monday, July 25, 2016
“He Is Our Sun and Our Shield”


Lord gives grace

by Dona Hake


Psalm 84:11 (AKJV) 

” For the Lord God is a sun and shield:
the Lord will give grace and glory:

no good thing will he withhold
from them that walk uprightly.”

As we walk uprightly before the Lord our God there should be expectation in our heart everyday we rise.  No matter what we face and how “dreary” our day may be, we can expect the Lord God to be our Sun and our Shield!


I am thanking Him today that He has promised that He will never withhold any good thing from us because all good and perfect gifts proceed from Him.   What “good thing” are you in need of from Him?   Is it peace?   Is it strength?   Maybe you need a touch of healing in your body.  He desires to pour upon us all that we need from Him for He is the only one that can satisfy our soul.

The Lord will NOT withhold from us. He will not refrain from giving or granting that which we need as long as we stay humble in our hearts before Him.   Let us live to yield our wills to Him that we may be vessels that draw upon His continual blessings.  Praise God that He is our Sun and our Shield, the God who is pouring out His grace and glory to all that walk uprightly before Him!




Devotional for Sunday, July 24, 2016
“He Refines and Purifies Our Hearts”




Jesus A Refiner

by Dona Hake


Proverbs 25:4 (ERV)

“Remove the worthless things from

silver to make it pure, and a worker

can make something beautiful.”


 You are so valuable and He loves you so much.  As we read this scripture we can see that there is a process that we are all walking through as we grow in Him.  There is a refining and purification that is taking place in our hearts as we deeply humble ourselves to His Mighty life changing Word.   Another version of Proverbs 25:4 is translated like this:



“Remove the impurities from the silver,
and the smith has material to make a vessel.”


The Lord our Refiner desires to  bring us to a refined or a pure state; free from impurities.  As our Purifier He will cause us to be free from anything that debases, pollutes, adulterates, or contaminates our hearts.  God wants every bit of us so He can use us in wonderful ways to glorify Him on this earth.


In the forty three years that I have known the Lord I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard people share from the depths of their hearts as they walked through a difficult trial.  Many at the end of the trial admit that they experienced  God removing things from them that positioned them to be used in a greater way.  Many times those difficult situations can actually cause us to do the soul searching we need to do, and God is able to work in ways that exceed our comprehension.  As we keep our hearts humble before Him I believe He will continue to refine and purify us that we can serve and be used by Him in greater ways.  Praise be to the God who is the Refiner and Purifier!





Devotional for Saturday, July 23, 2016
“Jesus Our Hope, Jesus Our Anchor”



Jesus Our Hope


by Dona Hake


Hebrews 6:18-20  (ERV)


“These two things cannot change: God cannot lie when

he says something, and he cannot lie when he makes an oath.

So these two things are a great help to us who have come to

God for safety. They encourage us to hold on to the hope that

is ours. This hope is like an anchor for us. “


What a firm foundation we have in Jesus Christ.  He is total truth and nothing but the truth!  It is wonderful to know that all the words that proceed from God are truth and when He says He will do something, He will always keep His Word.    Today let us meditate upon the fact that our hope in Jesus is the anchor of our soul.


Where do you look to when you want answers?  When you are feeling like you are standing on shaky ground, how do you make your feet sure again?   It is only the Word of God and our hope in Him that can establish our foot steps and make them sure and solid.We must always look to where we know the truth is, for His truth is what we can build upon. Our foundation will be strong and immovable when we build and anchor our hearts upon the Word of God.  Today I encourage you to look to the Lord of all hope and the One that has promised to anchor our souls.


Devotional for Friday, July 22, 2016
“A God That Only Sees Possibilities”
moving mountains
by Dona Hake
In this life we will all face those times of things that just seem impossible.   Our reasoning minds immediately conclude that something cannot be done and that is the end of it.   There are things that ARE impossible and there are things that SEEM impossible.  As I have worked with small children for so many years I have heard that cry of frustration one too many times “I can’t do it!”   I have seen this in the realm of working with children artistically.   Many times it is not that the child can not do it, it is just that they need help walking through the steps of getting to the end result.  I had something happen the other day with  my oldest Granddaughter.   She was trying to balance herself on one foot.   She kept losing her balance and then getting frustrated.    I told her to simply find an object in the room, and fix her eyes on it and I assured her that as she focused on it that it will help her.    She was amazed how much that helped her balance and the length of time that she could stand on one foot alone.   I caught her one time trying it and she stood so long and she looked so pleased with herself!    What seemed impossible to do now seemed a bit believable.
God sees those things that frustrate us in this life yet He calls upon us to trust Him alone, and He will instruct us in the way that may seem impossible to us.   Many times those impossible moments can be met with His gentle wisdom and instruction if we only calm down and listen to His voice.    I want to share a little story  with you that came with a little Bumblebee charm I bought for my one Granddaughter.   I found it to be inspiring…
The Bumblebee Cannot Fly
“According to the law 
of aerodynamics 
the bumblebee cannot fly;
its body is too heavy for its wings
and that’s the simply reason why.
But the bumblebee does not know this fact,
and so it flies anyway for all to see.
Remember this when you’re losing hope
God’s proof of the impossible can be.”
A.S. Waldrop
I love that one of God’s smallest  creatures that He created is here to remind us that it is rising above the realm of impossible every time it flies.   Now every time I see a little Bumblebee in my garden I am reminded that this little creature simply should not be able to fly yet it flies anyway!    The little Bumblebee never read about the law of aerodynamics, he is just doing what God created him to do!    Today let us remember that wonderful possibilities can be birthed from impossibilities  because we serve a God that says nothing is impossible to Him.





Devotional for Thursday, July 21, 2016
“Jesus – The Restorer of My Soul”



by Dona Hake


Jesus wants to be so many things to us. He is the Great Potter that works with His loving hands to mold and make us that we can serve Him and do His will.   Unfortunately this life can bring hurt and devastation to our souls,  and it can seem as if our life is broken into many pieces.    Today, we will reflect upon the fact that He desires to restore our soul.  He desires to take the broken pieces of our life and lovingly heal and bring our soul back to being whole again.
In order for us to regenerate our bodies one of the most important things is proper rest. So it is in our soul…we must have rest there in order to have strong and healthy souls. Many times in this life we may walk through circumstances that just seem to tear our hearts apart. These things can leave our hearts broken, and in a state of unrest. What a helpless feeling it can be when you feel as if you do not even know how to pick up the pieces and start over again.   When you are tired and weary in your body it is so hard to focus upon that which you are to do.   So it is with our souls.  A tired weary soul will not flourish in faith but will rather be a life of struggle.  May we lie down in His green pastures and permit Him to restore our souls that we may once again flourish.

Know this, Jesus is able to restore our soul. He is able to strengthen our heart, and heal the hurts that we may bear. Today, if you feel as if your heart is broken and your life is in a shambles, look to Him…Jesus, the One who is able to be the Restorer of your soul.


Psalm 23:3

Amplified Bible (AMP)
“He refreshes and restores my life (my self)”




Devotional for Wednesday, July 20, 2016

“Release Your Cares and He Will Sustain You”

cast your burden on the Lord

by Dona Hake


Psalm 55:22 (AMP)

“Cast your burden on the Lord [releasing the weight of it]

and He will sustain you; He will never allow the

[consistently] righteous to be moved

(made to slip, fall, or fail).”


Release and cast your burdens, and He promises to sustain you.  If we choose to hold on to our cares and burdens, how shall He help us?    How shall He give us the grace and sustenance  in our moment of need?   How shall He bless us with the answers that we need if we choose to try to figure out our problems on our own?  Our human nature will try  to tempt us to think that we are able to do things in our own ability yet once we experience His strength and provision that we need, it exposes how we need Him desperately.   Remember…He wants to be in every detail of our life, no matter how big or small.  Oh how our Lord desires that we permit Him to let Him be all that we need.



Today I want to encourage your heart to take anything that is a weight to you and just surrender it to Him.  Hold it up to Him and He promises He will sustain you which means that He will support, hold, or bear up from below.  He will bear the weight of whatever you are trying to manage yourself.  No matter how big or how small, take it to Him in prayer!  Corrie ten Boom said it beautifully:

“Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer
is to small to be made into a burden.”
Lord, today we ask that You would speak to our hearts, and help us to see those areas in which we still try to manage in our own ability.   Help us to see that every detail whether it be big or small is to be met with Your divine wisdom, strength and direction.   We thank You for sustaining us as we truly come to that place that we cast our cares to You and You alone! In Jesus Name! amen.




Devotional for Tuesday, July 19, 2016
“The Paths That Echo His Name”


he steers me

by Dona Hake



Psalm 23:3 (VOICE)
“He makes me whole again,
steering me off worn, hard paths
to roads where truth and righteousness echo His name.”


He lovingly steers us away from worn, hard paths yet how many times do we return to them. Those worn, hard paths could be habits and patterns in our lives that have ultimately gotten us in trouble. These worn paths are those have developed because of doing the same thing over and over again. God is calling us to allow Him to step in and guide us on the paths of His desire for us.
Maybe you have walked the path of a habitual worrier. Maybe your worn, hard path has been one of constantly walking in fear and anxiety over your future. Regardless of what it is we can make the choice to walk on the path that is guided by His hand. His hand deals only in truth and right things. His path does not make provision for us to walk in our own ability but rather draw upon His.


There is a world around us looking for hope and answers. I love thinking that my walk in the Lord would echo His truth and righteousness!  May our lives lift up the Name of Jesus that we may draw men to Him!





Devotional for Monday, July 18, 2016
“Walking In Consistency By the Power of God’s Word”


Wisdom March 16 2014

by Dona Hake
What does it mean to be consistent?  I loved the one definition that I found, and I am sure this will bless you too.  Let us look at this definition in light of us walking in the wisdom and truth of our Lord.
steadfast adherence to
the same principles, course, form, etc.
Today I want us to meditate upon our words being full of God’s wisdom and the importance of being steadfast to what we believe.   Let us go to the book of James.


“Beasts, birds, reptiles and all kinds of sea-creatures can be, and in fact are, tamed by man, but no one can tame the human tongue. It is an evil always liable to break out, and the poison it spreads is deadly. We use the tongue to bless our Father, God, and we use the same tongue to curse our fellow-men, who are all created in God’s likeness.

Blessing and curses come out of the same mouth—surely, my brothers, this is the sort of thing that never ought to happen! Have you ever known a spring to give sweet and bitter water simultaneously? Have you ever seen a fig-tree with a crop of olives, or seen figs growing on a vine? It is just as impossible for a spring to give fresh and salt water at the same time.”


Words spoken apart from God’s wisdom can cut deep into the soul.  Words that proceed from an angry heart can be mean and spiteful. God desires that our words and actions are the fruit of all that He is.  Wisdom is knowing what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to what action to take.


I believe that James was addressing the importance that we take seriously that we are being consistent with our words and actions.  “Blessing and curses come out of the same mouth- surely, my brothers, this is the sort of thing that never out to happen!”  These are strong words that James spoke but yet they are true.  I believe James was strongly admonishing those he was speaking to that they keep an eye on the fruit that they are bearing.


As we purpose to keep our words in line with what we believe, we will be examples of consistency in God’s ways.  Our judgments will be pure and we will have discerning hearts. Let us walk in the blessing of exhibiting discerning hearts and the power of consistency!






Devotional for Sunday, July 17,2016
“Returning To His Peace”


God has not given us the spirit of fear

by Dona Hake


~Isaiah 41:10 (CJB)

” Don’t be afraid, for I am with you;
don’t be distressed, for I am your God.
I give you strength, I give you help,
I support you with my victorious right hand.”


One translation says “Fear not, for I am with you, do not look anxiously about you.”  Many times when fear grips our heart our mind goes into a tail spin and it seems like confusion is well able to permeate our soul.  It is in those times that we may wander away from His precious dwelling place where there is perfect peace.


Psalm 94:19   (TLB)

“Lord, when doubts fill my mind, when my heart

is in turmoil, quiet me and give me renewed hope and cheer.”


I can remember not too long ago when the Lord was  quietly speaking to me in my heart a particular thing.  It is only a few simple words yet they are full of power and comfort, and they were  “Return to your peace.”   These few sweet words stirred my heart to make sure my dwelling place was in His presence and that is where I will always find the peace I need along with anything else my heart desires.


Many times we can get too caught up in  the daily routine of our lives and God’s peace and strength  can slip away because we have allowed it to.  When we are confronted with fears, we must make a real effort to look toward Him knowing that His mighty hand is well able to support us.  I encourage you to return to His peace whenever you feel that you are being brought down by the anxieties of your mind.  Know that in turmoil He is able to quiet your soul and renew it with hope to go on!

6 Responses to “Devotional”

  1. Lisa Viands says:

    This is a good way of teaching the kids to forgive each other(Matt. 5:7). I like the power of this gentle scripture and lesson… Thanks!!

  2. Selena Neely says:

    Ralph &I are really enjoying your devotional together.

  3. Selena Neely says:

    Oh, what a wonderful reminder! I want to break the magnifing glass of worry and trust God for each step I take.

  4. Dona Hake says:

    It is interesting Selena how the more we worry the bigger and more magnified things get in our minds. Oh how important it is to trust our God for the smallest of things! Thank you for sharing!