Devotional for Wednesday, December 7, 2016
“Seeking and Craving the Lord”
Pray and learn
Psalm 105:4 (AMP)


“Seek, inquire of and for the Lord, and crave Him and
His strength (His might and inflexibility to temptation);
seek and require His face and His presence [continually] evermore.”
I find this translation of this scripture very awesome, and it stirs my heart to seek and crave the Lord.   In the natural we can have food cravings.   We have all experienced it to the point that you thought you just had to have that particular food.   I shared this little story before but it fits well with this devotional.   I can remember an I Love Lucy show where a very pregnant Lucy sent Ricky out very late at night for she was experiencing some very unusual cravings for odd food combinations.   He came back with her request of ice cream, sardines, and pickles.   She mixed them all up, and ate it!   Ricky was almost sick to watch her, but that was her craving!    The point of the story is that her craving made her that she just had to have those things, and she was not happy until she got to eat them!
Today, I want to stir your thoughts and your heart about your cravings and desires for the things that the Lord wants us to have working in us.  As we ponder the scripture from Psalm 105:4 we  can see that as we truly seek the Lord in prayer, reading, and the hearing of His Word that there is much to be found.    Even if you have read a scripture many times over, there is always freshness and newness of life that a scripture can bring to your soul…if you allow it to.  I can remember reading an interesting quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, this is what he said,
“No man ever prayed without learning something.”
As you enter into His presence and read His Word, I encourage you to expect to learn of Him, and come to know Him in a deeper way.    Today I encourage you to crave Him and His strength.  The more we seek Him the more we will find ourselves needing to seek Him more. The more you experience HIS strength and HIS ability, the more you will crave to turn your face to Him and receive all that He is!  He desires to teach you continually and answer all the questions of your heart. Crave Him, step into His presence, and prepare yourself to learn and receive His portion for you today. God is good!
Jeremiah 33:3 (CJB)

“Call out to me,
and I will answer you —
I will tell you great things,
hidden things of which you are unaware.”


Devotional for Tuesday, December 6, 2016
“Abiding Under the Shelter of the Almighty”
he who dwells
by Dona Hake

God has provided for us His place of refuge.  He desires that we dwell there, and that we remain. In other words, we cannot allow things of this world to pull us out from that place that He has provided for us.  Let us purpose to remain in the place of His peace, love, joy, protection, and all the wonderful things He has provided in His shelter.

There will be things around us from day to day that will tempt us to walk out from His shelter. Many times people may choose anxiety over peace or bitterness over love, etc. This is only a few of the many choices we can make that can rob us from the hiding place and shelter He has provided. Remember, His shelter is our refuge. Next time you are tempted to get upset, instead of dwelling on the one who upset you or the circumstance, choose rather to run to Him for help, and refuge from the problem.  Choose to dwell in the shelter of the Almighty.
Psalm 91:1 (GW)

“Whoever lives under the shelter of the Most High
will remain in the shadow of the Almighty.”

In our home, my husband and I have lived by a rule since the day we were married, and that is to strive to maintain peace between us.   We continue to  do whatever it takes to maintain that peace in our home.  We never leave each other with things unresolved, and we purpose to continue doing this. 


”When angry, do not sin; do not ever let your wrath
(your exasperation, your fury or indignation)
last until the sun goes down.”
Ephesians 4:26

You see, God  knows our human nature, and that there will be times that we will heed to anger, but the warning here is to deal with it and resolve it. We must never lay down to sleep with anger in our hearts or we will awaken with that anger still brewing, and we will surely carry it with us throughout our day. This is not God’s plan for us! God wants us to live in a place of peace in our hearts, our homes, and everywhere we go throughout our day.
Today I just want to encourage you to value the wonderful blessing of Him providing a place for you to dwell. Do not allow the negative things of this life to pull you from that place of love, peace, and protection that He has so abundantly blessed you with. For every problem you have, He has a solution.   All you need to do is remain in His presence, look to Him, and He will be your helper as you abide in His place of refuge. Today I encourage you to abide under the shelter of the Almighty God!  


Devotional for Monday, December 5, 2016
“The Giving of Yourself”
give and it shall be given
by Dona Hake
I would like to stir your heart today in the area of giving.   No, I am not talking about Christmas gifts or even the giving of money yet we can bless people as we give of gifts such as these.   Today I am sharing about  the giving of yourself.  God can use us in so many ways to touch lives in extra special ways everyday. There are those that need your listening ear or a word of encouragement or wisdom. In those times that the Lord lays an individual on your heart, I encourage you to stop and pray, for your obedience could make a difference in their life in that moment in time.

I am going to share two quotes with you that are the words of Mother Teresa. I admire the life of this loving, gracious and humble woman of God. Read and take heed.


“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”

Mother Teresa


“God doesn’t look at how much we do,

but with how much love we do it.”
Mother Teresa
As we are obedient to the voice of the Lord to give what we have, He will surely bless it. Along with obedience in our giving let us do it with a heart of love. The scripture I  want to share with you now is from Luke 6:38 (ERV)
“Give to others, and you will receive. You will be given much. It will be poured into your hands—more than you can hold. You will be given so much that it will spill into your lap. The way you give to others is the way God will give to you.”
Now I want to emphasize that your giving should never be for the sake of what you get back. When God gives back to you, it is solely for the purpose of your hands being filled to the full that you can continue to give out, and be a blessing to those in need. I encourage you today to open your hands to those around and obediently give that which the Lord has so graciously blessed you with!


Devotional for Sunday, December 4, 2016
“His Mercy Can Never Be Exhausted”
streams of mercy
by Dona Hake
Lamentations 3:22-23
New American Bible (Revised Edition)
“The Lord’s acts of mercy are not exhausted,
his compassion is not spent;
They are renewed each morning—
great is your faithfulness!”
Oh let us rejoice and thank the Lord that His acts of mercy are NEVER exhausted.   His compassion never runs dry for it is fresh and new just for you each morning!   As we look to Him at the start of our day we can stand believing for bountiful blessings flowing from His hand into our life.    We can know that everything we will need to sustain us is ready to flow from His endless supply, and all we have to do is ask Him for it. I love knowing that I serve a God that is FULL of mercy and He promises that it never runs out nor can it be exhausted! As you meditate upon this, I encourage you to set your gaze upon Him and allow your spirit to receive all that He has for you today. We can look to Him in prayer and believe that His fullness will be upon us as we trust in Him.  I will leave this scripture and blessing for you as you go about your day!

Psalm 90:17
“And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us,
and direct thou the work of our hands upon us…”



Devotional for Saturday, December 3, 2016
“The Key To An Anchored Prayer”
by Dona Hake
James 1:6-8 (The Voice)
“The key is that your request be anchored by your single-minded
commitment to God. Those who depend
only on their own judgment are like
those lost on the seas, carried away
by any wave or picked up by any wind.
Those adrift on their own wisdom
shouldn’t assume the Lord will rescue
them or bring them anything.
The splinter of divided loyalty shatters your
compass and leaves you dizzy and confused.”
To enter your home you have a specific key for your door.   To start your car you have another.  James spoke to us in this portion of scripture about a key of great importance when we are praying and requesting something from the Lord.  That key is to be single-minded.   You see many times we insist on using our own “keys” to create solutions to life’s problems.  If we do not  focus on God’s Word, and we do not remain single-minded, we will end up  trying to solve a problem in our own understanding and our own ways.  Sadly there are many times our prayers go unanswered because of our lacking the possession of the key of being single-minded.    We must guard our hearts that we do not go adrift with our own wisdom for we will surely be tossed to and fro by the winds of life’s circumstance if we do. 
May we press into our faith as we are loyal to God and His Word.   We shall not be dizzy and confused for we have set our course, and we will be able to decisively move forward in the plan and will of our Father.  Just as a compass leads us and keeps us on track, being single-minded  will  keep us wise, discerning and very sensitive to the voice of the Lord at all times.  Our spiritual “compass” will keep us  centered in His will, and we will remain strong, steady, and focused in the midst of any storms that may come our way.  
We thank You Lord that as we draw upon Your grace and seek Your face that You will help us to stay single minded in our commitment to You.




Devotional for Friday, December 2, 2016
“He Lifts Me Up”
he upholds his sheep
by Dona Hake
 I love meditating upon the fact that my Lord watches over me, walks beside me, and He expects me to follow Him.  Today I want to share about how the Lord wants to uphold us at all times, and it is because of His watchful and caring eyes.   I found some very interesting definitions of the word uphold.   Let us meditate upon these definitions of the word uphold.
*to support or defend, as against opposition or criticism:
*to keep up or keep from sinking; support:
*to lift upward; raise:
As a shepherd, David understand how it was so important to be watchful and care for every need of his sheep.   He understood the importance of defending his sheep against any dangerous predators.   One of the most dangerous dilemmas for a sheep was if they ended up in a “cast down” position.    The alertness and swift action of the caring shepherd was important when this happened or it meant a sheep would die if left to itself.  
There are a handful of Psalms where David used this term “cast down.” Understanding this particular fact about a sheep brings greater understanding why the psalmist used this term so frequently in his psalms.  “Cast down” is a term used for a sheep that has turned over on its back and cannot get up again by itself. I want to make emphasis on *it cannot get up again by itself.    The poor sheep must be helped and turned right side up by the loving, strong hands of it’s shepherd.  A “cast down” sheep is a sad sight. It lays on its back, and as its feet are in the air, it struggles frantically to get back up again. Sometimes it will make little bleating cries for help and just lays there frustrated. If the shepherd does not arrive on time, the sheep will die. Since a sheep that is cast down is in such a helpless state, it is also vulnerable to attack by predators.
I think this is such an excellent analogy of our condition at times when the circumstances of life seem to turn things upside down in our souls, yet David would use this term within prayers such as “why are you cast down oh my soul?…hope in God.” I am sure we can all relate to those times in which we are down, feeling frustrated and helpless.  Oh thank God we have a Shepherd that always arrives on time to uphold and lift us back up!
 Psalm 37:24 Amplified Bible
 “Though he falls, he shall not be utterly cast down,
for the Lord grasps his hand in support and upholds him.”
I encourage you that in those times of being down and feeling helpless that you would look up for His hand. It is there for you to grasp! He will lift you up and put you on your feet again. Our Lord is a good Shepherd and He most assuredly will uphold you!


Devotional for Thursday, December 1, 2016
“What Have You Asked the Lord Today?”
jesus is understanding
by Dona Hake
What have you asked the Lord for today?   As you pray and seek His help first thing in the morning may I encourage you to speak and ask of Him throughout you day?   In this verse that I am sharing it speaks of the attributes of our Living God and He desires that we draw upon them.  They are His counsel, His sound wisdom, His insights, and His strength.  Let us ask Him and believe Him for these things.
Proverbs 8:14 (ESV)
“I have counsel and sound wisdom;
I have insight; I have strength.”
Consoling isn’t it?…to know that we can draw upon these things from the throne room of God.   We all face times in which we may not understand something that is going on in our life or we are looking to understand His Word in greater depth.    When we seek to know more, and we ask Him to help us understand, He is faithful to help us. As we search His Word He will help us understand it and apply it to our lives.   In those times where things may seem to appear  cloudy and difficult…know that He is well able to unfold to you what you need to know. He is able to bring to you the clarity that you need.

 1 Corinthians 2:16 (AMP)

” For who has known or understood the mind
(the counsels and purposes)
of the Lord so as to guide and instruct Him and give Him knowledge?
But we have the mind of Christ (the Messiah)
and do hold the thoughts (feelings and purposes) of His heart.”
Praise Him today that as we draw upon His  realms of understanding   we will begin to understand His Word in a greater way, and see the counsel, wisdom, insights and strength of His heart at work in our life!


Devotional for Wednesday, November 30, 2016
“Seize Your Moment”
by Dona Hake
“Lose not yourself in a far off time,
seize the moment that is thine.”
Friedrich Schiller
I love this quote so much because I love the truth of seizing the moment in which I live. The longer I am here on this beautiful earth the more I can see how fast time goes by. I can hardly believe that we are about to see another year go by. Where did the time go? I am sure many of you are asking yourself that same question.
Many times the future can be a cause for fear and worry. Praise God that we serve a wonderful Heavenly Father that has promised to give us that which we need to live each day, and for every moment that we are here. God does not want us to worry about our future, but rather He wants us to place our faith in Him.
Today I encourage you to seize the moment that you are in right now. It is as we seize the moment we are living in that we will not miss God given opportunities that are sent our way.   I believe the Lord desires that we take thorough account of how we spend our time, that we may use every moment to accomplish wonderful things for Him!  
Let us be careful that we not permit ourselves to become anxious in our hearts about our future, or our joy will slowly diminish. As we stay in the presence of the Lord and continue in faith, our joy will be full. As we stay before Him we will walk in His peace, therefore there will be many opportunities that we can recognize that are of Him, and we can seize them with great joy in our hearts! I’ll leave you with the scripture to meditate upon, and I pray that this Word has blessed your heart today.  Remember, do not lose yourself in the future by fearing what is ahead but rather seize the moment that you are blessed with right now.

Philippians 4:4-7

Always be filled with joy in the Lord.

I will say it again. Be filled with joy.

Let everyone see that you are gentle and kind.

The Lord is coming soon.

Don’t worry about anything, but pray and ask God

for everything you need, always giving thanks

for what you have. And because you belong to

Christ Jesus, God’s peace will stand guard over

all your thoughts and feelings. His peace

can do this far better than our human minds.


Devotional for Tuesday, November 29, 2016
“Seeing Through God’s Eyes”
eye full of light
by Dona Hake
Have you ever formed an opinion based on what you see, and then to find out that your opinion was totally incorrect because you were misinformed of all the facts?     We must be very careful to never form opinions apart from the facts and from the truth of what God has to say about it.      It is so alarming to me in this day and age how many standards and rules are based on how people “feel” about things.  Let us understand that many times  our eyes and our feelings can deceive us. We can think we are perceiving things properly but truth is we are seeing things from the wrong perspective or improper thinking. There are many things that can cloud our eyes from seeing things how God sees them.  Today I desire to cause you to seek to see things as God sees them.   May we seek His help to view the world and people through His eyes and His Word.
Now let us look at another way that we can be deceived into viewing our circumstances apart from faith and that is worrying.    We have heard it said that worry casts a big shadow on small things. Really when you think about it worry has the ability to paint a picture about your situation that could be an exaggeration of what is really going on.    Worry has the ability to magnify things and distort the truth. When we face a problem, and we allow the light of His Word to shine on it, we will always be able to embrace an attitude of victory and not worry.  We will most importantly be able to lay hold of the truth and wisdom that God desires for us to walk in.
God desires that we see everything in truth and in the proper perspective, and the only way that will happen is if we see things through His eyes.  I guarantee you that as we ask Him to help us see, our perspective on everything will be correct. Today I encourage you to ask Him to fill your eyes with light…His light.


Psalm 119:18 (VOICE)
“Let me see clearly so that I may take in
the amazing things coming from Your law.”
Matthew 6:22-23  (TLB)
“If your eye is pure, there will be sunshine in your soul.”


Devotional for Monday, November 28, 2016
“Be a Vessel of His Love!”
our love must be real june 2015
by Dona Hake
Yesterday we meditated upon the health of our Lord’s countenance being upon us.  Oh that we would desire that His countenance would shine and flow through us! Walking in God’s love is what we will meditate upon today.  Let us look at being willing vessels that He may cause His great love to flow from.  
God is looking for us to put feet to His love, and exhibit His ways to a lost and dying world. He is desiring that we put action to that which we know we should do. There is a scripture that says, “In Him I live and move and have my being.” Acts 17:28   He so desires that bring His Word to life.   You know…you may be the only Bible that one ever reads.     There are those that need His love and we need to avail ourselves to Him that He can flow through us.
We must remember that there will be times that He may call upon us to help people, and He may just call upon us to  go one more mile than what we initially intended. Many times His love will stretch us, and that is a very good thing. It is in those times that His love will be shown in a wonderful way, and we too will grow as we give of ourselves. I think it is a good thing for all of us to be pulled away from our comfort zone, and put in a place we have to rely on Him to help us to do things we never thought were possible!
Today let us rejoice in knowing that He desires to use us as vessels of His great love.  Let us position ourselves for unexpected opportunities of doing works that are birthed from His great love in Jesus Name!
1 John 3:18-19 (ERV)
“My children, our love should not be only words and talk.

No, our love must be real.

We must show our love by the things we do.

That’s how we know we belong to the way of truth.”

6 Responses to “Devotional”

  1. Lisa Viands says:

    This is a good way of teaching the kids to forgive each other(Matt. 5:7). I like the power of this gentle scripture and lesson… Thanks!!

  2. Selena Neely says:

    Ralph &I are really enjoying your devotional together.

  3. Selena Neely says:

    Oh, what a wonderful reminder! I want to break the magnifing glass of worry and trust God for each step I take.

  4. Dona Hake says:

    It is interesting Selena how the more we worry the bigger and more magnified things get in our minds. Oh how important it is to trust our God for the smallest of things! Thank you for sharing!