“Equipped By Our Lord”

by Dona Hake
I want to apologize for not getting a devotional to you yesterday.   I had some things come up, and time did not permit me to create a devotional for you.  Today I want to share about being equipped by our Lord.
Have you ever reached for your car keys when you are ready to leave to go somewhere and you cannot find them?   This is always frustrating to me especially if I have a place that I am to be, and I must leave at a specific time.   I absolutely hate being late, and not keeping my word!  What I am sharing today  is such a spiritual analogy that we can learn from.    Just think about it…your car is sitting out front of your home.   This is what you need to get you where you need to go, yet if you cannot find your keys, it is not moving anywhere.   You cannot take your house key and put it in the ignition for it would not work.   It must be a specific key to cause it to start.   So it is with spiritual things!

Have you ever felt that way spiritually? You feel like you have done all you know to do yet you feel like something is missing or misplaced. Many times it may be one little thing, and we just have to find it.
Today I want to encourage you in the fact that the Lord has given us every thing that we need to do that which He has assigned us to do. Good news isn’t it? No matter what the task, the responsibility, or ministry, God has exactly what we need.    If we seek to make things work by our own ability and our own ways, it is the same as trying to make a wrong key fit.



If you ever feel tempted to be anxious about how you are going to do what you need to do for Him, just think about this wonderful scripture. You see, God enables us to walk in His great power as we trust in Him.    When we trust and rely on His grace, the spirit of timidity will have not place in us.  He has given us the spirit of power, love and a sound mind to do all that He asks. For every door you need to walk through, He has the key to enable us to do so. Trust in Him for He is  able.

Lord, we ask you today to show us all that we need to accomplish Your will.    May we seek You diligently for those specific keys that are connected to Your enabling us to do Your will.   In the face of not knowing what to do, Lord we choose not to receive a spirit of timidity, but rather a spirit of 
power, love and of self discipline.  In Jesus Name! Amen

“All the Time…God IS Good!!!”

the lord is good
by Dona Hake
Happy Thanksgiving to you!   I hope that you have thought about the abundance of blessings in your life for we have much to be thankful for!   Since the beginning of November I have tried to bring you something each day to meditate upon relative to maintaining a thankful heart.   It really is endless when you think about how God is so rich in His blessings toward us.   I love that His eyes miss nothing in my life.   He is concerned about the smallest of details.   Yet my human nature rises up at times when my mind is not renewed with His Word, and I may be tempted to carry care about a problem.   Oh that we would stay mindful that He is able to take care of us.
Matthew 6:27-29 (AMP)
And who of you by worrying can add one hour to [the length of] his life? And why are you worried about clothes? See how the lilies and wildflowers of the field grow; they do not labor nor do they spin [wool to make clothing],  yet I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory and splendor dressed himself like one of these.”

This scripture reminds us of God’s loving care and how He watches over us. He is there to provide for us all that we need in any particular time.   Think about it…. When you need wisdom…The Lord will provide. When you need strength…The Lord will provide. When you need direction…The Lord will provide.  On this Thanksgiving Day, let us praise the living God for His awesome works and how He has shown Himself to be the Shepherd that takes care of everything, therefore we shall not want.    God is good all the time…all the time God is good!


“What Reasons Do You Have To Praise Him?”

new beginnings
Psalm 5:3 (CEB)
” Lord, in the morning you hear my voice.
In the morning I lay it all out before you.
Then I wait expectantly.”
Today let us be thankful that as we greet Him in the morning we can lay it all before Him.   That means, our plans, our problems, our uncertainties, all that concerns our hearts.   We can give it all to Him, and then wait expectantly. 

Psalm 145:2 (AMP)
Every day [with its new reasons] will I bless You
[affectionately and gratefully praise You];
yes, I will praise Your name forever and ever.

Now as I read this scripture in Psalm 145:2 my heart is stirred as I think that each day holds new reasons to bless Him affectionately and with a grateful heart.    We need to purpose our hearts to take time as individuals and reflect on His goodness in our lives.   There are so many ways He touches our lives each day.   May we not overlook one of His blessings.   Can you think of new reasons to bless and thank Him today ?   I am sure you can, and when you do, please take time to offer up the thanks that is due Him.
Today I encourage you to draw upon His strength and see your day as a fresh canvas. There may be things that you are facing that tempt your heart to be burdened but be encouraged that God is a God that never grows weary. Lift your eyes toward heaven and lay your heart open to Him and wait expectantly for Him to guide you throughout your day. All of us have reasons to bless His Name and be thankful. No, maybe everything is not perfect, but take time to call out the blessings that you possess because of the goodness of God. We all have much to be thankful for. Today, with it’s new beginning, praise and bless His Name for all the good things you embrace because of His goodness in your life!

“Everything Serves His Plans”

everything serves
by Dona Hake

Yesterday, we looked at the awesomeness of our loving God, and how we need never be separated from His wonderful love! Whether you believe in God or not…HE IS faithful. Whether you believe He can help you or you feel He can not…you thoughts on the matter do not change what He is able to do. His faithfulness is not dictated by what we do or do not do,  HE WILL ALWAYS BE A FAITHFUL GOD!    We took Him out of our schools, but HE IS still faithful to the heart that is only permitted to silently pray to Him. In a time where we seem to have to be politically correct on ridiculous things about Him…let us remember that HE ALWAYS WAS AND HE STILL REMAINS, for He is faithful!


I can remember a coach being interviewed.    He was a believer and he stated, “I’m not interested in being politically correct, I’m interested in being spiritually correct!” Later in the interview it was mentioned that someone twittered the following comment relative to this, “It is no wonder our youth have no moral compass.” It is a very troubling time in which we live in  isn’t it?


I just want to encourage you to hold fast, do not be moved, for if you are a believer, you serve a God that is faithful. This faithfulness was extended from the moment His hand created the sun and the moon. As He placed the stars in the sky, and created every beautiful thing you enjoy today, let this be a reminder to you of His wonderful faithfulness.  In the present moment that you are living, He is ever so faithful and desires to be a part of your world. Nothing ever changes with God.


Psalm 119:90-91 Living Bible
“Your faithfulness extends to every generation,
like the earth you created;
it endures by your decree,
for everything serves your plans.”

Ecclesiastes 3:14 (CEV)
“Everything God has done will last forever;
nothing he does can ever be changed. God has done all this,
so that we will worship him.”

“Thanking God for His Inseparable Love”

nothing can separate
by Dona Hake
NOTHING can separate us from the love of God.   He is NEVER distant, and He will NEVER leave or forsake us.  We just need to believe this at all times.  Whether things are going great or it seems like everything is going wrong…NOTHING can separate us from Him and His love when we know and understand the depths of His love.
Romans 8:39 ERV
“….nothing in the whole created world—
will ever be able to separate us from the love God has shown
us in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
Our lives are full of things. We purpose to set time aside to eat, sleep, work and play. Let us be ever so diligent to carve out moments during the day and dedicate them to sit in His presence and acknowledge Him. Talk with Him about how you feel and what you fear. Ask Him about everything that concerns you. He is bound to you by His love! Do not go by feelings and do not go by what you see. He is ALWAYS with you and nothing can separate you from Him. Praise Him because of His inseparable love for you!!
Father, today we give thanks to You for Your inseparable love!   Your love is incapable of parting from us. We give thanks for Your faithfulness that is brand new every morning.   Throughout our day we can come to You and You will faithfully listen to our cry.   Today we give thanks to  You for that inseparable love! 

“Our God, the Potter”

work of potters hands
by Dona Hake
Everyone of us are still under the molding and workmanship of the Master’s hands. His hands are loving and they work with purpose. Some days we might not feel all that great on the outside and things may be a bit stormy on the inside but know this…God’s loving hand is at work in our life.  Today we thank Him that every day is a new day, and He continues to work by His grace in our life!

Isaiah 64:8 (the Voice translation)

“Still, Eternal One, You are our Father.

We are just clay, and You are the potter.

We are the product of Your creative action, shaped and formed into something of worth.”


Next time you feel tempted to question your own worth I encourage you to refer to this scripture.  In those times discouragement tries to rob your soul because you may be not be where you wish you were spiritually, remember…God is at work in you.   He has a perfect plan, and He works in His perfect timing.    God is not done with you yet!!!    YOU ARE the work of His hand! God bless you.

“Being Thankful For His Kindness In You!”

kindness given
by Dona Hake
Earlier this week in my devotionals we were looking at being thankful for God given opportunities.   We looked another day at being thankful for His grace at work in us.   Yesterday I had shared about being thankful for where He has placed us, therefore, we will bloom where we are planted!   Today we will look at being thankful for opportunities in which He can channel His kindness through us.   I don’t know about you, but I feel quite honored to know that the Lord desires to use me everyday, and I am thankful for that!
I can remember  a particular time in which I was on the receiving end of several acts of kindnesses.  I praised God for those that decided to be obedient to His voice, and touch me in a kind way.  Those kindnesses came to me and blessed me greatly  in the midst of some obstacles.   I felt like those acts of kindnesses in the midst of adversity was like the hand of God reaching down and blessing me and refreshing my soul.    Are you positioning yourself each day to possibly be called upon to be a vessel of His love and kindness?
Today I am pondering in my heart how I can be used to be kind to those around me. I want to seek out those opportunities so I can lift someone up. The interesting fact about kind deeds and words is that they cost us not one penny to give. Yes, it may cost our time and energy  as we give, but the Lord is faithful to bless us abundantly. I leave you with this most beautiful quote from a woman that I greatly admire and esteem. Mother Teresa was truly an example of being a vessel of God’s love and kindnesses.




Let no one ever come to you without leaving

better and happier. Be the living expression of

God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness

in your eyes, kindness in your smile.”

— Mother Teresa

Lord, we ask you today to help us seek You about our time and how we use it.   We desire to position ourselves that You are able to call upon us to be a vessel of kindness and love to that needy one in my path.   Help me to see the one in need, and give me the words or show me the deed that You desire me to do.   We give thanks to you for those divine opportunities, and we are grateful for how You choose to use us today!  In Jesus Name, Amen!

“Thank Him For Where He Has Placed You”

bloom sept 1 2014

by Dona Hake

“Bloom where you are planted.”

I can remember hearing this quote seventeen years ago. An amazing gentleman from North Wales came to minister at our church. His name was Arthur Burt, and I am forever grateful in my heart that I had the opportunity of knowing this man of such wisdom. His little and big tidbits of wisdom always caused me to stop and ponder my own heart and challenge me to grow deeper in the Lord.
 This is one of those quotes that should encourage our heart to think about where we are and what we are doing while we are in that particular place. When a flower is in bloom it is in a time of flourishing, healthy condition. It is the time or period of great beauty, and artistry. The image that I am sharing today is of a little Hydrangea that I had transplanted.    I have ivy nearby that started to overtake the area I planted this sweet little plant and I totally forgot about it.  One day, I walked out and saw this beautiful little bloom doing it’s best to show off for me!   Even though it was not in the best conditions to flourish, it managed to do so, and it has been beautiful ever since.
Sometimes we can encounter situations where we are, and it can cause us discouragement or weariness.   It can tempt us with thoughts of questioning if we should be doing what we are doing.   We may feel tempted to feel unappreciated or our work is going unnoticed.    Let us remember that as we know we are in God’s will that we do all as unto Him.   Whether we are appreciated or not can make no difference in or hearts.   The important thing is to know that we are where God wants us to be.  May we remember the importance of standing strong in the midst of adversity, and simply seize every opportunity to bloom!

Today I encourage you to bloom where God has planted and positioned you. Never underestimate the place He has put you to do His good work. Also, we should never compare ourselves to others and the work the Lord is doing in them. As we are faithful to remain and allow His loving hand to keep us, and take care of us, we will indeed bloom where we are planted!

“Thankful For His Angels”

by Dona Hake
I am devoting this month to reflect on the many things that we need to be thankful for.   Today I want us to reflect on the fact that we have angels watching over us.   I am thinking we will never know how many times our angels spared us from disaster and we did not even have a clue.   Did you ever just feel you were to take a different route home, and you were just obedient?   I believe in those times that the gentle hand of our Lord could be steering us away from potential danger.  Let us be mindful to  praise Him and thank Him each day for His guiding loving Spirit and His angels that take care of us and our loved ones.
I can remember a few years ago driving  through a heavy construction area, and I was spared being in an accident. Had I not looked into my rear view mirror I would not have realized what I was spared from. I did not notice that there was a man literally on the tail of my car. I was driving around a bend in the road and was unable to see that there was a line of traffic sitting still, which forced me to an abrupt stop.  I tried my best to stop as safely and quickly as I could even though the traffic in front of me was slowly beginning to move. I was able to stop and then slowly move with the traffic, but because the man behind me was too close, he almost hit me. I just happened to look into my mirror and saw this gentlemen completely go off the road to avoid hitting me. The car behind him had to also steer off abruptly to avoid hitting him. Behind that car was a Mack truck, and I could see that the driver of the truck was fully aware of what was going on. Thank God he was able to stop in a safe manner. Do you get the picture of the accident that could have occurred?
As I continued on the road I had to laugh to myself because the gentleman that almost hit me stayed about ten car lengths behind me the rest of the way on this road. Yes, I was thanking God, but had I not glanced into my rear view mirror in that split second, I would not even had known what I was spared from. I was thanking the Lord that He had my back in what could have been a bad accident.
Today I encourage you to think about the times that you know His angels were there to protect you. God is so good and He is ever so faithful to take care of us!  Let us be thankful that He has set His angels to watch over us!

Psalm 91:11 (EXB)
” He has put his angels in charge of [commanded his angels/messengers concerning] you
to watch over [keep; guard] you wherever you go [ all your ways].

“Thankful For His Light and His Direction”

light in darkness sept 30 2014
by Dona Hake
I have had a few  conversations lately about the changing weather  with people as I am exchanging small talk.    It is funny when seasons start to change how people make it quite clear what they love and what they hate.   I was delighted to find an older woman sharing with me the other day how she absolutely loved the snow.   She lives on a hill which overlooks a lot of beauty.   It was such a joy to hear her share her love for the snow.   On the other hand I have to admit that it seems there are so many that do not like winter.   I know driving in snow can be hazardous, and I think this is why people do not like it.    
I can remember a gentleman sharing his  dreadful experience in a snow storm.  He said he was driving down the road and without warning he encountered a “white out.” This occurs when the light reflected off the snow equals the light coming through the clouds. He said what was most frightening was that he had no recollection of what was behind him so he feared stopping. He was completely blinded with absolutely no visibility in front of him. As I listened to him I could see how unnerving that had to have been.
Today let us consider those times in which we are blindsided by life’s unannounced difficult circumstances that render us helpless.    There are those times that we are going about our business and out of no where we are hit with having to make a difficult decision.   It may be so difficult that our mind and heart are in total confusion.   You cannot see in front of you nor can you see what is behind you.

God’s Word tells us in Psalm 119:105  “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” 
It is vitally important that we take seriously that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are connected with the light of His Word that we can know exactly what to do in such situations. It is in those times that it seems like everything around has become dark.    It is all so common that one’s  heart can be gripped with fear in these times.  Again, as we are walking along side of Him, we know all too well that He is faithful to show us exactly what to do.  Sometimes we just need to calm ourselves, and remind our hearts and minds that He is able to get us through the unexpected storm that we are encountering.


“The psalmist proclaims in Psalm 119:112 I have resolved to obey your laws forever, at every step.” I believe this kind of resolve in one’s heart will always cause us to hold fast to God no matter what we see or cannot see. This is the man that will not be moved by circumstance but in faith in God alone. We can be assured that our faith will be met by a God of total light because in Him is NO darkness at all.

Lord, we thank you for Your light and divine direction in those times in which nothing makes sense for us.   Thank you Lord for being our Great Compass as You guide us with Your light.  In Jesus Name! Amen.

6 Responses to “Devotional”

  1. Lisa Viands says:

    This is a good way of teaching the kids to forgive each other(Matt. 5:7). I like the power of this gentle scripture and lesson… Thanks!!

  2. Selena Neely says:

    Ralph &I are really enjoying your devotional together.

  3. Selena Neely says:

    Oh, what a wonderful reminder! I want to break the magnifing glass of worry and trust God for each step I take.

  4. Dona Hake says:

    It is interesting Selena how the more we worry the bigger and more magnified things get in our minds. Oh how important it is to trust our God for the smallest of things! Thank you for sharing!