Saturday, February 2, 2019

Devotional for Saturday, February 2, 2019
“The Voice of Our Actions”
Actions louder than words
by Dona Hake

 “Actions speak louder than words.”    You hear this more times than not when poor behavior has been exhibited.   Many times our body language is  speaking at times even when we are not saying a word.  Our actions can exhibit things, and could be misinterpreted at times. Just as we know that we need to think before we speak, we also must make sure our reactions to things are not improper.

Let us remember that actions that proceed from a loving heart, and a heart that seeks to do the right thing will speak and produce good things. These are the actions that will minister grace to those around you. On the other hand if you are angry or disturbed with someone or a situation, your body language, and behavior may be exhibiting what you are trying so hard to hide.


Lord, help us to seek Your wisdom in our behavior whether it be in word, deed or actions.  May our words and actions speak of Your character especially Your love.    There are many people that need to see You as You live and dwell within us.   May our lives and our actions speak, and be a testimony that gives glory to You.   We thank you for Your help in this area of our life.   In Jesus Name we ask this!
James 3:13 (HCSB)
“Who is wise and has understanding
among you? He should show his works by good
conduct with wisdom’s gentleness.”

Friday, February 1, 2019

Devotional for Friday, February 1, 2019
“The Lord Our Provision”
seeking God
by Dona Hake
The Word of God tells us that if we lean on our own riches and ability that we will surely fall.   God desires that we lean on  Him and trust Him for His provision, and His provision alone. Even though He knows every one of our needs He desires that we seek Him every day, and reach out to receive what we need that we would not be in want of anything. It is then that our lives will flourish and speak of our Lord’s wonderful care to all those around us. We will be testimonies of walking with a Good Shepherd that lovingly takes care of us…spirit, soul and body.
“He who leans on and trusts in and is confident
in his riches will fall, But the righteous
[who trust in God’s provision]
will flourish like a green leaf.”
Proverbs 11:28 – Amplified Version
Here in Matthew chapter 6 Jesus taught His disciples to pray about the bread or their provision for the day.


Matthew 6:11 (DRA) “Give us this day our supersubstantial bread.”

Matthew 6:11 (VOICE) ” Give us each day that day’s bread—no more, no less—”
Today I encourage you to meditate upon the fact that God is faithful to give us the “bread” we need to get us through one day at a time. That bread will sustain us, and keep us nourished in our spirits. Thank you Lord for our daily bread …no more, no less….we thank You that Your bread that You sustain us with  is alive and living and all so powerful!  Lord, you ARE our Provision.

Devotional for Thursday, January 31, 2019

Devotional for Thursday, January 31, 2019
“Continuity In Our Walk With the Lord”

“Continuity is one of the essential elements of life.”
Andrew Murray
Powerful “isn’t it? Oh to remain continuous in our walk with the Lord! Now let us put it in reverse… Think about the power which will ultimately hurt and hinder, and that is distraction.    Distraction will rob us of clear thinking and it will position us to be indecisive.   It positions us to be  like that flickering light in a storm prior to the loss of electricity. When one is distracted it almost seems they have a hard time connecting. God desires that we stay connected and waiting on Him.   He desires that we live with determined purpose, and that we set ourselves to continue in His will…no matter what!
As we keep our eyes fixed on Him, Our Lord will speak to us along the way of our race.  He will be faithful to reveal to us those things which hinder our continuity.  Saying that we must be willing to humble ourselves and quickly obey Him that we can run with great endurance.
Hebrews 12:1-2 Evangelical Heritage Version
“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great
cloud of witnesses, let us get rid of every burden
and the sin that so easily ensnares us, and let us
run with patient endurance the race that is laid
out for us. Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus,
who is the author of our faith and the one
who brings it to its goal. In view of the joy set
before him, he endured the cross, disregarding
its shame, and has taken his seat at the right
hand of God’s throne.”

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Devotional for Thursday, January 24, 2019
“Even the Little Things”
by Dona Hake

Today during my quiet time I returned to my notebook that I record words spoken by those that minister in our church, and things the Lord has ministered to me in my quiet time.   Pradeep Perera spoke these words almost four years ago in our worship service.
“He pours out His grace on the little things.
He will breathe on the things you put your hand to.”

God loves touching every part and detail of our life.   It ALL matters to Him.  Today I encourage you to reach up often with a heart that desires to be filled with His grace. Even those little things we encounter matter to our big God! Oh how precious to meditate on knowing He desires to breathe His holy breath on us, and prosper all that we put our hands too.
“Grace to you and peace [inner calm and spiritual well-being]
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”
1 Corinthians 1:3 – The Amplified Version

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Devotional for Wednesday, January 23, 2019
“I Will Bear Witness”
by Dona Hake
Yesterday in my prayer time, I began to reflect back on the evening when God broke through my stubborn heart, and I surrendered all to Him. In that moment I became a new creature in Christ, and the weight of my sin melted away, and I felt what true freedom really was. Isn’t it amazing what a miracle it was when our hearts were made clean and whole by the work of our Lord?  I can still remember leaning over and whispering in my friend’s ear during the alter call… “I did it, I asked Jesus in my heart!“ She had been praying for me for years, and together we rejoiced!
I encourage you to reflect often on that moment you were set free, and you became a new creature in Christ. You know, we can never forget this for this was when the prison doors of our hearts were unlocked by the living God!  It was then that our hearts were washed of our sin, and a fresh new life was made for us!
Today as we  serve the living God may we walk in an awareness that He walks beside us, He goes before us, and behind us is a forgotten and forgiven past. Now that which follows us is only goodness and mercy all the days of our life! We are truly blessed people!
Psalm 71:15-16 The Voice Translation
…I will bear witness to Your merciful acts;
throughout the day I will speak of all the ways You deliver,..”
“…I will come with stories of Your great acts, my Lord, the Eternal…”

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Devotional for Sunday, January 20, 2019
“You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup“
By Dona Hake
“Remember to take care of yourself,
You can’t pour from an empty cup.”
The Lord desires that we always be ready to give of ourselves. Oh to live a selfless and obedient  life for Him that when He calls upon us, we would quickly obey, and capture the divine opportunities He presents us with.
Today I want you to focus on yourself. I am hoping as you have read the first paragraph that your heart agreed with how you need to live in a readiness for His use.   This can only be done as we are full of our Lord.  But there is  much to be said about living full of Him. So full of Him that we are walking in overflow.  Sadly there may be times we have encountered feeling like we are dry and parched within because we have not been diligent to remain in His presence and in His Word.   The vitality of our spiritual health is dependent upon our obedience to Him in fellowshipping with Him and meditating upon His Word. No one else can do that for us.    
We must also be living in total trust in Him and His grace for without Him we can do nothing. We must be seeking His wisdom over the use of our time, and taking care of our bodies. Without these healthy bodies and minds kept at peace and full of godly wisdom , we will most certainly be hindered in our ability to be used by Him.

It would be a good thing for us to just stop ourselves, and ask if what we are doing is what the Lord is requiring, and speaking to us about. I think of the many times people just “do“ for fear of what people think if they “do not“. Many times we can put expectations on ourselves that rob us of our strength, peace, and soundness of mind. Basically this happens because that expectation was never God‘s will to begin with.

All this said, I believe with all my heart that as we seek Him first, and stay tuned to His voice throughout the day we will continue to grow in evaluating ourselves that we can be assured that we are on the right track. I desire and I know you do too to be a vessel for His use, therefore let us continue to seek Him first, and keep watch over the care of our spirit, soul, body and the time that He has entrusted us with.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

by Dona Hake

Have you ever walked through a dark time or a time in which you felt confused… lacking direction and feeling all alone. Sadly there may even be those times that those that are  close to you were not able to discern that you were in need and  troubled.   We need to take hold of this my friend…our trust cannot be in family and  friend’s ability to pick up that we need them. Praise God for those people that are in your life that in the past that may have discerned your need but ultimately your trust must always be in God.
I encourage your heart today to know that you are known by the One that knows every detail about you. Remember, He was the one that so tenderly put you together in your mother’s womb. He knows your day of trouble, and He understand your struggles. Be comforted in knowing that He sees your pure desire to please Him in all that you purpose to do as you keep your heart right before Him. Every strand of your hair on your head is numbered… What a loving and a great God we serve!  He is more than enough and He is our faithful friend.

“As for you, every hair on your head has been counted.”
Matthew 10:30 – CJB VERSION

Friday, January 11, 2019

Devotional for Friday, January 11, 2019
“Careful to Obey”
Luke 1:6 “Zachariah and Elizabeth were righteous
in God’s eyes, careful to obey all of the
Lords Commandments and regulations.”
As I read this portion of scripture my eyes were fixed on three words, “…careful to obey.“
When one is careful about something they are cautious in their actions, they are exact and thorough. Now think of that in light of our obedience in all that we do in accordance to the Word of God.
Oh that we would be so careful to obey, and consider God’s Word in our lives at all times. Upon every word, every decision, and every manner of behavior.  Oh that we hold this as our highest priority to know that we are pleasing God in everything.
Today I encourage you to be careful to obey His Word in thought, words, and your actions. It is then that your life will echo His Name as you walk in His paths of righteousness. This world desperately needs to see believers in the Lord Jesus Christ holding fast and carefully obeying His Word, and being a testimony of all that He is.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Devotional for Wednesday, January 12, 2019
“Looking Closer…”
My heart continues to reflect upon the devotional I shared the other day entitled “What’s In Your Cup?“ As I to continued to meditate upon this article I began to think about how pride can seriously affect what we carry in spirit. Pride will affect us in spirit,  God hates pride, and He desires that we deal with it. I am going to share the  article again  to refresh your memory of it.

☕️ You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you or shaking your arm, making you spill your coffee everywhere. Why did you spill the coffee? 🤔 “Well because someone bumped into me, of course!” Wrong answer. You spilled the coffee because there was coffee in your cup.
Had there been tea in the cup, you would’ve spilled tea.
*Whatever is inside the cup, will spill out.*
Therefore, when life comes along and shakes you (which WILL happen), whatever is inside you will come out. It’s easy to fake it, until you get rattled.
So we have to ask ourselves… “what’s in my cup?” When life gets tough, what spills over?
Joy, gratefulness, peace, and humility?
Or, anger, bitterness, harsh words, and reactions?
You choose.💯

Today lets work towards filling our cups with gratitude, forgiveness, joy, words of affirmation; and kindness, gentleness, and love for others. “ CHOOSE joy, SPEAK life, and KEEP MARCHING!” 💜

So today let us look at the sin of pride.  Pride will cleverly talk us into thinking that we can cover up our sin. Pride will suggest to us that it is OK to keep things bottled up and fake it. Some can even become masters of looking happy and even peaceful on the outside, yet on the inside they are falling apart and not doing well at all. Acting like we are doing good on the outside, or how this article says “faking it” is a sure way to become ensnared in the trap of living life in our own ability. This is how one begins to overlook sins and live in making excuses for themselves.
Pride, my friend, is disguised in so many ways. Let us ask the Lord for a discerning heart that we watch over that which we are carrying in spirit. When the bumps, troubles, and storms blindside us may we spill over that which is pure.     Let us be super quick to confess anything that will hinder the pure water within us.  May we carry hearts that are at peace and are pure before Him all the days of our lives.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Devotional for Saturday, January 5, 2019
by Dona Hake
“The Eternal One will never leave you; He will lead you in the way that you should go. When you feel dried up and worthless, God will nourish you and give you strength. And you will grow like a garden lovingly tended; you will be like a spring whose water never runs out.”Isaiah 58:11 The Voice Translation

When we do our part,  He will be faithful to do His. Our part is simply to be obedient, love Him with all of our hearts,  and remain humble as we abide under His wonderful shadow.  My friend, we are “the cared for”. Because He takes care of us we will be that well watered and nurtured garden that Isaiah spoke of. Keep an awareness in your heart of His watchful eye over you. Turn your face towards Him as much as you possibly can today. He seeks to show you His love, and whisper His gentle words and ways in your ear. He will speak to your spirit in ways you could ever dream of!


If the soil of your heart is a bit dry today, look to Him to saturate you with all that He is. Receive His immeasurable grace for your day for it is sufficient for everything you will be facing.

6 Responses to “Devotional”

  1. Lisa Viands says:

    This is a good way of teaching the kids to forgive each other(Matt. 5:7). I like the power of this gentle scripture and lesson… Thanks!!

  2. Selena Neely says:

    Ralph &I are really enjoying your devotional together.

  3. Selena Neely says:

    Oh, what a wonderful reminder! I want to break the magnifing glass of worry and trust God for each step I take.

  4. Dona Hake says:

    It is interesting Selena how the more we worry the bigger and more magnified things get in our minds. Oh how important it is to trust our God for the smallest of things! Thank you for sharing!