“His Love Flowing Through Us”

our love must be real june 2015
by Dona Hake

I had shared yesterday about the love of our living God. His love is above and beyond what our minds can comprehend. Isn’t it wonderful to know that He is calling us as His vessels of love to a lost and dying world? I had mentioned in the devotional yesterday how as a teen I was so hard to reach for the Lord. My heart and mind had been affected by the hypocrisies that I had seen in Christians around me. May our hearts always be toward Him that we may exhibit His true life, light and love to those around us.
God is looking for us to put feet to His love, and walk out His ways. He is desiring that we put action to that which we know we should do. There is a scripture that says, “In Him I live and move and have my being.” Acts 17:28 He so desires that we act according to His Word and walk away from our ways that do not exhibit His love and character. There are those that need His love and we need to avail ourselves to Him that He can flow through us.
We must remember that there will be times that He may call upon us to help people and it may just make us have to go one more mile than what we had intended. Many times His love will stretch us and that is a very good thing. It is in those times that His love will be shown and we too will grow as we give of ourselves. I think it is a good thing for all of us to be pulled away from our comfort zone and put in a place we have to rely on Him to help us to do things we never thought were possible!
Oh how liberating it is to know that when we are real with God, He will show us great things that He desires to do through us. We will then be positioned to act from our hearts and exhibit His love in a real way. Today may we be encouraged that God can enable us to show His real love by the things that we do for Him and for others.

1 John 3:18-19 (ERV)
“My children, our love should not be only words and talk.

No, our love must be real.

We must show our love by the things we do.

That’s how we know we belong to the way of truth.”

“So Great Is His Love!!!”

how deep how wide
by Dona Hake
No love on this planet can be compared to the love of God. God’s love was toward us before we ever knew Him. He was extending His love toward us when even if our hearts were resisting or rejecting Him.  I can remember when I thought I did not need God in my life. My excuse…well, plain and simple…I thought there were just too many hypocrites out there.  The hypocrisy I saw as a teen made me have a very wrong idea of the Lord.    Then the day came when I encountered some individuals that truly exhibited His love. They were real and they walked the talk, and they exhibited His unconditional love.   They showed me that He loved me even though I did not yet love Him. He loved me even though I did not deserve His love and goodness. God knew exactly what I needed and I thank Him that He put those special people in my path to show me His love.
After living for Him for forty two years I can honestly say I cannot imagine life without Him. I thank God He loved me through people that He placed in my life, and I am ever so thankful for those that prayed for me when some gave up on me because  I was so stubborn.

Romans 5:6-8 (PHILLIPS)

” And we can see that it was while we were powerless to help ourselves

that Christ died for sinful men. In human experience it is a rare thing

for one man to give his life for another, even if the latter be a good man,

though there have been a few who have had the courage to do it.

Yet the proof of God’s amazing love is this: that it was while we

were sinners that Christ died for us.”
I encourage you to think about His great love for you.  God’s love for you is so precious and deep, and He wants to lavish you with it!   The greatness of His love can be compared to none. It is so amazing and so great! God is good!

“What Will You Choose”

Choose July 2014
by Dona Hake
Everyday we have choices before us. It would be interesting to take note of all the choices that we make everyday. What shall I eat?…what shall I wear?…what words should I speak or not speak?…who should I associate with?…etc… In life there are so many choices that must be made. Sometimes we  may make a wrong choice that may bring inconvenience into our day.     These types type choices may disrupt our day but these days will happen. But then there are choices in this life that are “heart” choices. These choices God desires to be a total part of. He desires that His hand of blessing to be at work in our life that our lives are rich and full. The Word that I am sharing from Proverbs is admonishing us to choose God’s instruction and disciplines over whatever we deem as valuable.

Proverbs 8:10-11
Expanded Bible (EXB)

“Choose [Take] my ·teachings [instructions; discipline] instead of silver,
and knowledge rather than ·the finest [choice] gold.
Wisdom is more precious than ·rubies [or pearls].
Nothing ·you could want is equal to [is more delightful than] it.”


In this scripture God is showing us that even the jewels that we could ever possess do not measure in value to His instruction, His wisdom and knowledge. Think about it…NOTHING we could ever desire no matter how wonderful can compare to the worth of His great riches !! Let us ponder this scripture and allow our hearts to be challenged. May we know that we value His Word above anything this world has to offer.

“The Blessing of Hope”


hopes blessing
by Dona Hake
I love stories that people share that encourage my faith and hope!   I once heard a precious woman share how she was told during the early stages of her pregnancy that her  baby had absolutely no chance of being born.. The doctor emphasized that there was a 100% chance of this child’s survival in the womb. The devastation that this couple experienced must have been unreal. They began to share how their faith caused them to rise to a place of hope. Against hope they believed in hope! They pressed in and moved forward in their  seemingly hopeless situation, and they were blessed to be able to find a  doctor that decided to work with them . The doctor dared to do a particular procedure that sustained the baby, and she was born. This little one has some obstacles to face but I am sure this couple’s faith will continue in this little one’s journey of being an overcomer.
I think the thing that really touched my heart is how awesome it was that God used a willing vessel  like this doctor to step into their life at time when there looked like no hope was in the future for them. Many times it may look like a hopeless situation, but with God all things are possible!   In this situation God had a plan for this couple as they purposed to look beyond the opinion of the medical field.    I too have been there. and  I remember being told that I more than likely would lose my first son. I had begun to miscarry and had lost so much blood, and even though they saw the heart beating, they refused to give me an ultrasound picture. They felt very sure that in the next week I would miscarry him.  I thank God for those that stepped in, and persevered in prayer with me. I thank God to this day for my son that is now thirty two years of age. Because of the faith and hope of many, I was able to take hold of hope that appeared very dim at one point.


Today, I encourage you to never underestimate the power of your prayers and words of encouragement in the life of someone that may be losing hope. God is faithful to take His words and cause faith and hope to spark where one is growing weak.



Romans 15:13 (AMP)
“May the God of your hope so fill you with all joy and peace in believing [through the experience of your faith] that by the power of the Holy Spirit
you may abound and be overflowing (bubbling over) with hope.”

“Trust Him For the Next Step”

bunting 2
by Dona Hake
Proverbs 3:5-10
Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)


“Trust the Lord completely, and don’t depend on your own knowledge. With every step you take, think about what he wants, and he will help you go the right way. Don’t trust in your own wisdom, but fear and respect the Lord and stay away from evil. If you do this, it will be like a refreshing drink and medicine for your body.”



Think about times in your life in which there was change taking place, and you really did not know if you were doing the right thing . Even as you read this there may be change about to take place with your job, and you fear the uncertainties. Maybe you need confirmation regarding a decision you have to make. Some decisions almost seem like you are forced to make them in the dark. So let us read the one verse from Proverbs Chapter Three again…”With every step you take, think about what he wants, and he will help you go the right way.” He promises as we trust Him that He will take hold of our hand and steer us in the right direction.



I love when the Lord uses His own little creatures that He created to teach us about depending upon Him. Today I shared an image of an Indigo Bunting.  When I shot this image, I decided to research information on this sweet little bird.   I read the most fascinating fact about how they migrate. Did you know that they migrate at night? They start flying south for winter around September, using the stars to guide them along their way. The first thing I thought was how amazing it is that God’s smallest of creatures just do what He created them to do. These precious blue beauties fly, and allow the stars to guide them to their destination. I am sure they would never endeavor to do their migration flight during the day because they cannot see the stars for their direction. Interesting isn’t it?



Next time you feel like you are in the dark about a decision and it seems impossible to know the right way to go, just think about the Indigo Bunting. We have the light of God’s Word to lead and guide us. He is our bright and shining star in any darkness that we may need to take flight in. The voice of the Holy Spirit will faithfully speak to us, and He will show us with every step how to go the right way! Just trust in Him with all of your heart and lean not upon your own understanding.

“A Word Fitly Spoken”

a word fitly spoken
by Dona Hake

What do you think of when you hear ~~ a word fitly spoken ~~?? When I think of a word fitly spoken, I think of expressing words from my heart to someone, and you just know in your heart of hearts that you have spoken exactly what they needed to hear. Yet, those same words spoken at the wrong time could possibly not be good. Just because you know something to be true does not mean it is the moment to speak it. Today let us ponder and meditate on desiring that our words are spoken in due season. James also had some excellent advice about listening, speaking, and handling offense…
James 1:19 (AMP)

“Understand [this], my beloved brethren.
Let every man be quick to hear [a ready listener],
slow to speak, slow to take offense and to get angry.”

I think of how many arguments would be avoided if this simple and profound verse was mastered.  If one does not give their full attention to the one speaking to them, there will more than likely words that are spoken which could be inappropriate or hurtful. This verse has a wealth of wisdom in it for us. I think it is just as important to listen to another’s heart as well as the words that proceed from their mouth. After you have listened, then think thoroughly before you open your mouth. Many times you may feel that you have the right answer for someone’s problem yet it is not the appropriate time for that word to be spoken.

Let us ask the Lord to have sensitive hearts that we will listen more sensitively to those around us. Many times we may indeed know what that individual may need but we need to ask the Lord for the proper season to share it. I would also venture to say that the one that has mastered being a good listener also understands the value of giving their full attention and making eye contact with the one speaking.

Proverbs 25:11 (AMP)
“A word fitly spoken and in due season is like

apples of gold in settings of silver.”

Listening to someone may be the greatest gift you could give them. Choice words are even a greater gift to one that is in need. After you have listened carefully you will find they will be much more apt to hear your heartfelt and choice response. I believe the Lord can help us to guard our tongues that our words will be as choice silver and gold, and spoken at the proper time.

“The Quiet Heart”

Quiet heart
by Dona Hake
Sometimes we need to command our hearts to be quiet, and get our peace back! In the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I encourage you to hold fast to the precious peace that the Lord has given us to live by.    If we do not purpose to keep our hearts quiet and at peace, we will surely be open to anxious thoughts.   Once during the Christmas season I can  remember hearing on the news someone quote a person saying “Just knowing I am going to be with my family over the holidays makes me feel like I am gonna have an anxiety attack.” Sad isn’t it? Yet, there are a lot of people that feel this way especially over the holidays. Then there are those that wish they could sit with their loved ones during the holidays but they are no longer here.   Anxiety is such a robber of the soul.

I recently had a gentleman sitting behind me at a stop light, and he was in a convertible.   He was angered because I did not make a left on a yellow light.   Since this is a dangerous intersection, I decided to wait for the next light.  He yelled nasty things at me and sat there and mumbled under his breath till the light changed.   It was so sad to me to see someone that allowed such a small thing make him so angry.   Yet anyone of us could fall prey to such a thing if we do not make a decision to hold fast to the peace of God, and maintain a quieted heart.

I don’t know about you but I am bound and determined to embrace peace in my heart and allow nothing or no one to snatch it away from me.

Proverbs 14:30 Amplified Bible
“A calm and undisturbed mind and heart are the life

and health of the body…”

I pray that you too will think about pursuing living one moment at a time and enjoy the stillness of His perfect peace each and every day.

“What God Will Not Give”

for god has not given
by Dona Hake

2 Timothy 1:7 (AMP)
“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of
craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit]
of power and of love and of calm
and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control.”

Many times my heart cringes when I hear people think that when bad things are going on in their life that it is sent from God. It is as though God has some split personality, and we are on the end of whatever mood He may be in. This is not true for our God is the giver of ONLY good gifts, and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Today I want to declare to you that there is something that God will NEVER give to you, and that is fear!  The truth is  that He is not the author of fear, but instead He has given us the spirit of power, love, and a calm well balanced mind. We can keep our mind focused, disciplined and have self control with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Let us be reminded today to stay focused on all that He has given us through His love for this very special journey on earth. It is Him that can help us to remain disciplined and self controlled for the God given work He has for us. I want to leave you with this precious quote:

“If the Lord be with us,
we have no cause to fear,
His eye is upon us,
His arm over us,
His ear open to our prayer.”
Andrew Murray

“God Sees the Big Picture”

by Dona Hake
I have always admired the patience of those that like to put jigsaw puzzles together. Especially the ones with hundreds of pieces. I see the jigsaw puzzle as a great analogy of our life being put together day by day by the loving hand of God. There are times we can get so focused on a particular area just having to fit because in our minds we just want to see that part of our life worked out. Yet God is wanting to work on some other area of the “puzzle” or tapestry of His will for us.

Today I am hoping that we be reminded to allow God to search the “pieces” of His specific will for our life that He may work through us. As we live each day may we remain humble and allow Him to work and fit the pieces together that are in His plan, not our custom made ideas. It is a comfort to know that God is the Master Planner and within His plan will always be perfect timing. Young or old, we can all get a bit impatient with God’s timing, and we need to be cautious of this. I always love when my Granddaughters ask how long something may take and if I say it will be in about five minutes, and I get this…”Grandma, that will be forever!” Makes me grin every time. How many times do we react to God the same way.


God wants you to know that He has a plan for your life and He works in your life as you permit Him to. As we stay humble, He will work out all things according to His plans and purposes.

Romans 8:28 (DRA)
“And we know that to them that love God, all things work together unto good…”

“God Is Able”

god is able to make all grace abound
by Dona Hake


2 Corinthians 9:8 (HCSB)

“And God is able to make every grace overflow

to you, so that in every way, always having

everything you need, you may excel in every good work.”
This scripture just really blesses me. I love meditating on the fact that God is desiring to shower us with His all sufficient grace as we set out to do His will. I want to share three words that may help you in your meditations about grace. Desire, draw and demonstrate.
Let us DESIRE to be living examples of excellence in all we put our hands to, and may we always recognize that we need His grace to do anything in this life. Let us pray each day in faith and DRAW upon that grace which is sufficient for all that we need and do. It is as we do this that we will DEMONSTRATE that He is the God that is more than enough.
I thank God today that I am what I am by the grace of God. I want to encourage your heart to look to Him with great expectations of the work of grace in your life. May our hope be in knowing that as His grace overflows to us that we will have all that we need that we can excel in every good work He has assigned to us!

Ephesians 1:2 (Amplified)

May grace (God’s unmerited favor) and spiritual peace [which means peace with God and harmony, unity, and undisturbedness] be yours from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.


6 Responses to “Devotional”

  1. Lisa Viands says:

    This is a good way of teaching the kids to forgive each other(Matt. 5:7). I like the power of this gentle scripture and lesson… Thanks!!

  2. Selena Neely says:

    Ralph &I are really enjoying your devotional together.

  3. Selena Neely says:

    Oh, what a wonderful reminder! I want to break the magnifing glass of worry and trust God for each step I take.

  4. Dona Hake says:

    It is interesting Selena how the more we worry the bigger and more magnified things get in our minds. Oh how important it is to trust our God for the smallest of things! Thank you for sharing!