“Wise Men Really Do Still Seek Him”

wise men 1

by Dona Hake

They understood the timing, and they knew what to look for. They observed a star in the eastern sky that signaled his birth, and they simply continued to move toward it. They moved toward the light in anticipation for this was the sign of the birth of one that would be King of the Jews.

wise men 2

This big and beautiful star was giving the very direction that they needed. With vision and hope, they moved toward it until they arrived. Humbly they bowed before Him,gave gifts, and worshiped Him.

There are so many things that I read about in the Bible but there are certain things I read and wish I could have been there to witness. Only my imagination can help me visualize and understand what it would have been like to bow my knees before this child that would some day be the King that was sent from Heaven.

Today we too need to keep our eyes on the Light from above. That Light will give us direction and keep us moving forward. With determination and strength He enables us to do His will as we look to Him and His Light. Wise men really do still seek Him.