“Wisdom- Our Guiding Light”

wisdom our guiding light copy



There will be those times in which we feel like we do not know the next step to take. Things may seem dark or cloudy but the Lord promises that He will grant us the wisdom that we need for anything and all we have to do is ask. Let us never deceive ourselves to think that we know it all and we do not need His help.


One could also be deceived to think that as long as they have money that they do not need His help. Money is not wrong to have for we need it to exist, it is when one looks to it as a source rather than God. Money will never purchase God’s wisdom for it’s value is higher than any fine stone on this earth. There are some things that money simply cannot buy. It is as we couple His wisdom with the knowledge we have that our lives will be guarded and directed by Him.


Ecclesiastes 7:12 (NIRV)

“Wisdom provides safety,
just as money provides safety.
But here’s the advantage of wisdom.
It guards the lives of those who have it.”


God’s wisdom surpasses the safety that money can provide. It will guard and keep your life that you may serve Him because this wisdom from above will cause you to see clearly every step you are to take. Today I encourage you to be thankful for all things He has blessed you with to exist, but always look to Him as your source for the life giving wisdom you need.