“We Walk By Faith”

we walk by faith and not by sight
by Dona Hake
For the past few days I have been sharing about Peter stepping out of the boat, and walking on the water to meet up with Jesus. As I said yesterday we need to remember that out of all the disciples, Peter was the only one that ventured to release his faith, and step out of the boat.Today let us continue to meditate upon  how vital it is to stay focused on God, and His Word when we step out of the “boat” and walk in faith in an area of our life.
The lesson we can learn from Peter is that in a split second his focus and faith was hindered . You see, when he initially stepped out of the boat, there were wind and the waves, and his faith caused him to rise above anything he saw or heard.   Although he stepped out in faith, the wind and the waves began to distract him, and fear entered his heart.  Broken focus can do so much harm to one’s walk of faith.   

As I was meditating upon keeping focus I started to think about blinders, and their use on horses. There is  definite purpose, and benefits to do such a thing, and that is for the focus and protection of both the horse and the rider. I would like to share some things that I found regarding using blinders on the horse, and I hope they will serve us as an interesting analogy, and give us greater understanding in the realm of focus, and teach us to rise above distractions.
The blinders cover the rear vision of the horse, forcing it to look only in a forward direction, and keeping it on track. Farming horses can be predisposed to distractions, and if they are pulling a plow or a wagon they might need blinders to stop them from losing concentration on the direction they are supposed to be headed. Race horses also need blinders to stay focused that they can run a race, stay on course, and not be taken by distraction.

In light of sharing about horses and blinders I want to refer to scripture that is all about our faith. Hebrews 11:1-3 is basically summed up in a few words…We walk by faith and not by sight. Many times it is the very things that we see that seem so sure and secure, yet those are the things that will hinder us the most from believing God to do the unbelievable. There are those times that we will need to purpose ourselves to look past everything in the natural, and see into the Spirit in order that we can stay focused and stay in faith.
God’s Word is total light and life,and His Word will  keep us focused and on track in the fight, and in our walk. Let us be reminded that whenever we step out that God is there walking along
side of us. As we look to His Word and refuse to be moved by what we see in the natural we will begin to see Him moving in our lives in ways we never have imagined. “…now unto Him who is ABLE to above and beyond all we dare ask or  think.” Ephesians 3:20