“We Can Put No Price of Wisdom”

wisdom is a treasure

by Dona Hake

Today I am thinking about how thankful I am for the wisdom of God.  One of His priceless treasures available to us as we ask Him.  Wisdom is found only on one road and that is for those who desire for God and only God to direct their hearts.  Let us value it and be ever so thankful that He said in His Word that it is there for us…all we have to do is ask Him.

Job 28:13-18

” No human perceives wisdom’s true value,

        nor has she been found in the land of the living.

    The deep says, “She is not to be seen within me.”

        “Nor within me,” says the voice of the raging sea.

    No gold can be given in trade for wisdom,

        nor a sum of silver weighed out as her price.

     She cannot be bought with all the gold of Ophir,

        neither with onyx nor sapphire.

   The shimmer of gold and brightness of glass cannot compare,

        and no refined gold jewelry is worth her in trade.

     Perish the mention of coral and crystal;

        even more than pearls is the value of wisdom.”

God’s wisdom is a treasure and it can only be found in Him   It is  another one of His gifts that we should be so thankful for.  God bless you.

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