“We Are the Work of His Hands”

Potter A

If you believe that there is indeed a Creator and you know that He formed you within your mother’s womb, then this image should speak volumes to your heart.   Everyone of us are still under the molding and workmanship of the Master’s hands.  His hands are loving and they work with purpose.  Some days we might not feel all that great on the outside and things may be a bit stormy on the inside but know this…God’s loving hand is at work in your life.


Isaiah 64:8  (the Voice translation)

“Still, Eternal One, You are our Father.

    We are just clay, and You are the potter.

We are the product of Your creative action, shaped and formed into something of worth.”


Next time you feel  tempted to question your own worth I encourage you to refer to this scripture.  Next time you feel put down by others or you feel you do not measure up to the world’s “plastic” images of success, remember this…

YOU ARE the work of His hand!  God bless you.


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