Thursday, September 17, 2020

Devotional 9.17.20   
“The Torment of Regret”

Today I am feeling led to share with you an archived devotional that I did on September 12, 2013. This devotional is one that is a strong exhortation regarding guarding your heart in the area of forgiveness, and releasing people from the hurt they may have caused you.
Each year on September ll th I make a point of watching the memorials that they do on TV. It always touches my heart, and every year I find they continue to bring fresh, new stories from people, and how that day affected their life. This particular story touched my heart deeply and has a message and warning for all of us….
Throughout the day on September 11th I listened to the heart wrenching stories of people that lost loved ones on that dreadful day. It has been on my heart for awhile to share on the subject of avoiding regret in our life. I think regrets that can never be repaired are absolutely the most painful. Regret is a very sad thing to experience. It is defined by feeling sorrow or remorse for an act, a fault or a disappointment. It is so upsetting when you find you might have spoken something and you regret speaking it. Then there are those regrets of things you just neglected to do or say.

Today I want to share about the regret one would deal with by choosing
not to deal with broken relationships or leaving someone on a wrong note.
I will share a story I heard yesterday. It was the morning of September 11, 2001.
A teenage girl argued with her father all morning… they did not reconcile… he leaves for workand she leaves for school. She comes home but he did not come
home. That morning was the last time she saw him and that is how
they left each other. It could never be changed and the words
could never be taken back. You see, he worked at the World Trade
Center and that was the day he breathed his last breath here on earth.
Forever, this young woman will have to live with the fact that she and
her father left each other that morning on bad terms.

My heart was so sad as I heard this, yet I wonder how many other
stories might have been the same on that day. It is easy to take
people for granted. Don’t!! Make a decision to always leave people
in peace. Seek reconciliation in relationships that are strained. If
they refuse to reconcile, at least you know that in your heart you
have forgiven and released them because that is all you can do.
Because of God’s love we can love people as He loved us.
He will enable you to forgive when you cannot find it in your heart to do so.
I pray today that you would search your heart, and if there be anyone in your
life that you need to make things right with that you would be quick to do so. God bless you.