Thursday, October 18, 2018

Devotional for Thursday, October 18, 2018
“Our Hope In God”
by Dona Hake

Yesterday morning I was so blessed to be able to hear an interview with Pastor Brunson . I was specifically touched by certain answers that he had given to the many questions that were asked.  The Turkish courts had convicted pastor Brunson of aiding in terrorism. Of course this claim was not true but even though  he was being treated unjustly, and imprisoned, he determined himself to keep his eyes on the Lord. He shared how his prison cell was made to only hold eight men yet there were 20 in his cell.   He shared his circumstances and the trials that went on within him and at one point he said, “I talked to God whether he talked to me or not.”  He purposed himself to not let go of his hope.
I thought about that statement he made, and it made me think about how many times people get  tempted to doubt when God seems quiet.  We can be tempted to think he is not there yet He always is with us whether He is speaking or not, and we can be assured He is always moving on our behalf as our total trust is in Him.  This statement made me meditate upon how we are never to to be moved by what we see or do not see nor should we be moved by what we hear or what we do  not hear.
He shared that in the midst of his troubles he began to write a song about God‘s love and faithfulness. His wife shared how when she was able to visit him that there was a glass between them, and they would take their hands and place them on the glass that separated  them, and touched each other and just pray together in agreement.  It was so precious.  Pastor Bronson is a vessel that is proclaiming the message of hope in the midst of no hope. At the end of the interview he was asked, “What words do you leave us with today?” Pastor Brunson proclaimed, “God is using this situation and He is using God’s people!“   Our Lord was able to take that which was meant for evil, and turned it into a victorious testimony.

May this remind us that nothing can separate us from the love of God. Our hope needs to be in Him and in Him alone. Nothing can keep His work from going forward as long as we keep our eyes on Him. May our hearts be entwined with our loving God, and we will proclaim victory as we do His will in Jesus Name.