Thursday, August 20, 2020

Devotional 8.20.20 
 “…Then and Only Then”
by Dona Hake
“My child, will you treasure my wisdom? Then, and only then, will you acquire it. And only if you accept my advice and hide it within will you succeed. So train your heart to listen when I speak and open your spirit wide to expand your discernment— then pass it on to your sons and daughters.”
Proverbs 2:1-2 – TPT
Today we will continue with meditating upon treasuring His wisdom within us.  This translation shows that Solomon asked the question “Will you treasure my wisdom?“ and then follows with the statement… “Then and only then will you acquire it.”
Again, our Lord lays out His precepts in the same way for us to follow in order that we can walk in the blessing of them. He desires that we treasure every blessing that He has been bestowed upon us. Woe to us if we fall to the temptation of picking and choosing what we treasure and what we disregard when it comes to the Word that they hear or read.
Today I want to draw your attention to the words in the scripture “…so train your heart to listen when I speak and open your spirit wide to expand your discernment. “ Let’s look a little closer at what the word train means…

~~~to develop or form the habits, thoughts,
or behavior of (a child or other person)
by discipline and instruction~~~
My friends, we all have had or still deal with weaknesses and stubbornness within us that could potentially hinder how we hear the truth. Let us continue to form good habits, nurture good thoughts, and purpose to behave in accordance to His Word. May we pray that our eyes would continually be enlightened to God’s Word in order that He can deal with our hearts. He will then indeed open our spirits wide to expand the much needed discernment to live this life for Him.