“The Truth Is…”

childlike faith 2

by Dona Hake


The Lord desires that our faith be as a child.  He loves when we run to Him with our concerns and every big or small detail of our lives.  Little children are a constant reminder to me of honesty, and their desire to please.  As I teach the preschoolers at church I cannot tell you how many times one of the children will run to me and show me their latest bump or boo-boo.  Sometimes their boo-boo is so small I cannot see it, but believe me I try to show them that it matters!  Why?….because if it is important enough for them to bring it up,  I want to pay attention.


The children  also love to share with me their latest most exciting things that have happened.  One little girl tugged at my dress during worship yesterday and I leaned down and she whispered to me something funny her Grandpa did on their vacation.  It made me giggle yet these things are reminders to me of how God wants us to be.   She just had to share it because it was important to her at that moment!


Luke 18:17 (ERV)
” The truth is, you must accept God’s kingdom

like a little child accepts things…”


Throughout you day take time to whisper prayers to Him about those things that concern you.  Let your heart be obedient to thank Him and praise Him for the good things that are happening to you.  As you remember His works and they thrill your heart, share your heart and tell Him.  He wants to hear about everything that is going on in your heart and mind for He truly cares about every detail of your life!


. “Any concern too small to be turned into a

prayer is too small to be made into a burden. ..
Corrie ten Boom


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