“The Peace of God”

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Worship Service by Pastor Bill Hake
Philippians 4:6 –9 this scripture exhorts,and shows us that God desires that we do not fear and that we do not worry. Worry is imagining something bad happening in our future. God calls our worry sin!
God has shown us what to do here in Philippians regarding our cares, and that is we are to cast them all on Him, and partake of His perfect peace. In our prayers we need to let our request be made known to Him. From there we should state our needs and acknowledge the promises that pertain to that need. 
We all have mental habits. Worrying and complaining are very bad habits. The release of faith needs to become a habit. We need to have good prayer habits as well, and also the good habit of releasing our faith. This will always bring us the manifestation of God‘s perfect peace in our life.
We also looked at the scripture and 2 Chronicles 20    Jehoshaphat set himself to seek the Lord in his day of battle. Sometimes our problems are bigger then us. But remember, our problems are never bigger than God! There are three things that we may have to do in the midst of a battle. Either flee, fight, or stand. God will show us how to fight but it must always be with the release of faith.We can know that God’s peace will be with us in any fight we encounter on this earth.