“The Gift of Faith”

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Today we learned that God‘s miracles are always for His purposes.  In 1 Kings 17  Elisha operated in the gift of faith and proclaimed that there would be no dew or rain as he  took authority over the elements.
*  We learned from Elijah’s life that for God to do greater works in us, there must be a deeper work done within us.
*  God took Elijah to complete helplessness in order for him to be humbled, and come to a complete trust in God for every one of his needs.
*  God told Elijah to hide himself.  This is an example to us that God’s hiding is His preparation in us to blossom in His will.
*  Elisha was then sent into the refining fire (a place called Zeraphath) God was going after his pride.  Pride will always keep us out of the perfect will of our Lord, and our loving God will deal with our hearts as we permit Him to.
*  Elijah learned to rise to God’s level that he could be used in the miraculous.  This lesson can help us to grow in the revelation of how God desires to do the miraculous in our lives for His glory and purposes.  There is power in simple obedience and humility that God’s will may be done in us.