“Recovered from Satan’s Snare”

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Today our text was from 1 Timothy 2:24   
*  It is vitally important that we understand that the  devil will seek to deceive us and lead us into the very snare that brought him down.
*  We received wisdom in this teaching how to correctly communicate with people.  We cannot try and make people see what we want them to see just because we embrace a particular truth.   Arguing is not God’s way of leading people to the truth.
*  Beware, when you oppose truth, the devil will be able to manipulate and use you as he wills.  Even the believer can be manipulated by the devil if he is not watching over his soul, and keeping his heart with all diligence.
*  The Lord is instructing us here how to handle, react, etc., to those that oppose themselves, and those that have set themselves totally against God.
*  True freedom will always come as we give  up our thoughts for His. This is the humility we need to walk in,  and as we do we will walk in repentance as we acknowledge the truth of God‘s Holy Word.