Saturday, March 30, 2019

Devotional for Saturday, March 30, 2019
“When You Need Answers”

wisdom look for me

by Dona Hake


Sometimes in life we need answers and we need help finding them.   Sometimes we will find that some answers are easier and obvious but what about the answer you need for a very confusing time or complex problem?  When we need answers we  need to position ourselves to be seeking and trusting God for the exact answer we need.


Sometimes it seems that some answers take a little more digging and seeking  but the Lord our Shepherd will lead us and guide us into all truth in all that concerns us. He will help us find the exact answers that we need, and He promises to lead us into the right places!   The Lord has hidden wonderful things in His Word for us, and He desires that we diligently seek out that which we need. 


Proverbs 8:17-18  ERV)

I love those who love me,
and those who look for me will find me.
With me there are riches and honor.
I have lasting wealth to give to you.”


Today I encourage you to look for His wisdom in the small things as well as the big.   He loves when you seek out what He has for you.


Proverbs 8:11
“Wisdom is better than pearls, and

nothing you desire compares with her.”



Proverbs 3:18

“Wisdom is like a life-giving tree to those who hold on to her; she is a blessing to those who keep her close.”