Saturday, March 21, 2020

Devotional  3/21/20
“Considering Our Own Blindspots”
by Dona Hake
This is our final day pondering the word ~consider~. Again, to refresh your memory, it means to think carefully before making a decision, contemplate or reflect upon.
The scriptures we will be looking at today are a warning to everyone of us. When we encounter people, and their “baggage” we need to guard ourselves from being bothered and critical of them. Luke admonishes us to first of all consider what is going on within our own hearts and minds. Let us read the scriptures in Luke 6:41 from the Amplified Version and Luke 6:41-42 in  the Passion Translation.

“Why do you look at the speck that is
in your brother’s eye, but do not notice
or consider the log that is in your own eye?”
Luke 6:41 -AMP
“Why do you focus on the flaw in someone else’s life
and fail to notice the glaring flaws of your own life?
How could you say to your friend, ‘Here, let me
show you where you’re wrong,’ when you are
guilty of even more than he is? You are overly
critical, splitting hairs and being a hypocrite!
You must acknowledge your own blind spots
and deal with them before you will be able
to deal with the blind spot of your friend.”
Luke 6:41-42 – TPT
These Scriptures remind me that I need to continue to press in, and ask for the Holy Spirit‘s guidance in those places in my heart and mind that I can very easily miss because I am blind to them.  Praise Him that He desires to give us  an awareness of the blind spots in our life…those things we simply do not see.
When I think of blind spots I think of being in a car driving. Did you ever go to pull out at an intersection or in a parking lot, and you think all looks clear and it seems like out of nowhere a car comes flying right in front of you.   I usually take a deep breath, and thank the Lord for His protection.  If our response is quick we stop quickly, if we  do not respond in a quick manner it could mean an accident. So it is in the realm of our soul.  We need to heed to those things that we finally see for they could cause us great grief if we do not deal with them quickly.
In this life we need to proceed cautiously at all times keeping an awareness of what is going on inside of us, and staying conscious of the voice of the Holy Spirit. I encourage you today to continue seeking the Lord, and ask Him for a deeper awareness of His presence in your life. May we be quick to see the blind spots He reveals to us, and be quick to receive His instruction and wisdom to help us to change it.