“Praise and Magnificence Are Before Him”


by Dona Hake

If you are a woman that has given birth to a child, you well know the intensity that is in the room especially right before your child is born. There is intensity and anticipation all around you as you are working with all your strength to bring forth life. I can say for myself that the joy that I felt with the birth of both my sons is a feeling beyond words. Gentlemen…if you were present for the birth of your children, you too can relate to this overwhelming joy! Yet, I try to imagine that knowing it is my time to give birth and all the hospitals were full, all doctor’s offices were closed and I had no where to deliver my child. Finally, I find myself persevering in the birth of my child and round about me is not sterile hands but animals, loud noises and the smells of animals. Okay, I think you got the picture!

All the images that are put before us this time of the year creates a fantasized image of how our Lord Jesus was welcomed into the world. Believe me, it was not what we see on our Christmas cards. In spite of pondering this thought I began to think about what He brought into the “room” that was given Him. I am absolutely positive when Mary gave her final push and as Jesus took His first breath of earthly air, that amazing joy exploded all around them. The glory of God appeared in that place and it brought everyone to their knees. A gift from Heaven took His first breath and everyone that watched was in amazement because they knew who He was. He was not just a baby, He would be the Kings of Kings!

I encourage you in the hurry and scurry of your final preparations of celebrating Christmas that you truly remember the greatest gift that has ever been given.

1 Chronicles 16:27 Names of God Bible

” Splendor and majesty are in his presence.

Strength and joy are where he is.”