“Paths That Echo His Truth and Righteousness”

he steers me

by Dona Hake

Psalm 23:3 (VOICE)
“He makes me whole again,
steering me off worn, hard paths
to roads where truth and righteousness echo His name.”

He lovingly steers us away from worn, hard paths yet how many times do we return to them. Those worn, hard paths could be habits and patterns in our lives that have ultimately gotten us in trouble. These worn paths are those have developed because of doing the same thing over and over again. God is calling us to allow Him to step in and guide us on the paths of His desire for us.

Maybe you have walked the path of a habitual worrier. Maybe your worn, hard path has been one of constantly walking in fear and anxiety over your future. Regardless of what it is we can make the choice to walk on the path that is guided by His hand. His hand deals only in truth and right things. His path does not make provision for us to walk in our own ability but rather draw upon


There is a world around us looking for hope and answers. I love thinking that my walk in the Lord would echo His truth and righteousness!  How about you?