“Our God Is Boundless!”

boundless God is He

by Dona Hake


God is great and all His works are to be greatly praised.  From the time that He created the Heavens and Earth to this very day, He continues to show Himself mighty and His wonders never cease.  When I think of how great our God is,  I realize that our understanding is limited because He is God and everything about Him is beyond the bounds of human comprehension!!  I just want to share a few scriptures with you to think upon relative to this word ~boundless~.


Psalm 147:5
“Great is our Lord and of great power;



understanding is inexhaustible and boundless.”





Ephesians 6:10
“In conclusion, be strong in the Lord

[be empowered through your union with Him];

draw your strength from Him [that strength

which His boundless might provides].




1 Peter 1:3
“Praised (honored, blessed) be the God and Father

of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah)!

By His boundless mercy we have been born

again to an ever-living hope through the resurrection

of Jesus Christ from the dead…”


Today I encourage to allow Him to show you His boundless mercy, His boundless might and His boundless understanding which is inexhaustible!  How great is our God!