“Not All Pills Are Easy To Swallow!”

love never fails

by Dona Hake

I can still see my four year old Granddaughter standing and watching me take my vitamins.  In her eyes it was a handful of different shapes and colors.  The biggest and hardest one for me is my multi-vitamin and  that morning I saved them for last.    It must have been entertaining for her to watch me try to swallow even the small ones.  She  watched  intently as one by one I accomplished what I was trying to convince her of being  a good thing.  I thought to myself…”wait till she sees me try to swallow the big one!”   She reached her little hand up and pointed to the big one and said, “Grandma, try this one!  It’s pink!  That one will be good for you!”  In her mind because it was pink it would be easier to take.    Believe me as I swallowed that one her face exhibited real concern.  I am laughing now but it makes me think how sometimes in life the right and good things we are told to do can be the hardest “pills” to swallow.

I think the following scripture could probably be looked at as one of those difficult “pills” to take and apply to our lives.  I Corinthians 13 referred as the love chapter states all that God’s love would have us to do.

1 Corinthians 13:5

“… it takes no account of the evil done to it it pays no attention to a suffered wrong.”

Our human natures can tempt us to have little running “accounts” in the back of our minds of things done wrong to us, hurtful words, etc.  The longer the list gets the harder it is to feel at ease with that person.  God well understands that this type of habitual “account keeping” will destroy even the most precious and dear relationships.  He commands us to forgive and let it go.    This is one of those “big pink pills” that are hard to swallow.  Believe me, we need to take this scripture and meditate upon it and let it grow big within you.  It is nourishment to our spiritual being and it will cause us to be better people.  God wants us to live free from all bondage so let us release the wrongs and stay focused on loving others as He loves us!