“Let Peace Rule”

Peace let it rule in your heart

by Dona Hake

Something that bothers my heart is seeing people get so stressed over the holidays.  Yesterday I had to go to the grocery store to purchase some things for Thanksgiving Day.  On top of the high volume of shoppers, there was threat of bad weather which added a whole other element to the “air”.  I purposed to hold fast to peace as I went up one aisle and down the other.    Because the aisles were so full I tried to back up and there was a woman that I almost bumped into.  I  excused myself and apologized.  We passed each other again in the next aisle and she seemed to want to be where I was and sarcastically said, “Well I can see we will probably be doing this throughout the whole store.”  She abruptly pulled her cart away. , I thought to myself how sad it is that people just do not care how they handle themselves in public. They allow their impatience to justify rudeness.

Throughout my time in the store I had engaged in conversation with some other ladies that noticed the same thing that I was noticing.  The stress level was high and people did not care how they were acting.  I have been thinking about how important it is to guard your heart when you have more demands going on in your life.  If you do not, even those things that you desire to celebrate will become a burden and they will wear you out and wear you down.  Unguarded hearts and minds result in saying and doing things you wish you wouldn’t have.

Colossians 3:15  (AMP)

” And let the peace (soul harmony which comes) from Christ rule (act as umpire continually) in your hearts [deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds, in that peaceful state] to which as [members of Christ’s] one body you were also called [to live]. And be thankful (appreciative), [giving praise to God always].”

I just want to encourage you to hold fast to peace over the holidays that you may enjoy every minute you spend with family and friends.  Remember the reason for what you are doing whatever you are doing and do not allow yourself to be robbed by the stress of all the extra demands.  God bless you with His peace.♥

~~~~~     ♥     ~~~~~~