“Lean Not…”

trust and lean not

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is turn to your own thoughts and understanding in matters we face.   Many times we can overlook the fact that God may be seeing our situation in an entirely different way and it would do us good to throw everything into reverse, be quiet and consult with Him.  I think the most common mistake we can make is only taking difficult matters to Him because we think the easy ones we can figure out on our own.


I can not tell you how many times I thought a matter was a simple one to wake up and find it to be complicated.  Somewhere along the line I was leaning on my own understanding and not trusting to see His guidance for that matter.


There are different ways that one can lean relative to their understanding.   You may have a very strong opinion about something and that is okay but then again our opinions must always be based on truth or they can get us in trouble.  Sometimes leaning on your own understanding can become like a crutch or a comfy place.  You may be tending resist looking beyond your own ways unto God’s ways therefore it hinders you from trusting Him.


God has blessed us with intelligence, creativity  and know how but let us always be mindful to lean upon Him even in the smallest of matters that He is able to guide our paths.  Today I encourage you to learn of Him and lean on Him!


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