“Jesus Remains the Same”

Jesus the same

by Dona Hake

 I have heard it said that 67% of people hate change. I kind of feel that holds true. I really can not say where I stand on this thought because some days I like to see things a bit unpredictable yet there are other days I hate the kind of changes that can come in this life. I am sure you too could agree.


I am so thankful that Jesus never changes. His love never changes for me. No matter how bad I mess up He still loves me. If I fall, He promises to reach out His loving hand and pick me up…but I must reach out and ask for His help.
I am glad that He never changes positions… He is always by my side and I am so glad that I can count on that. His ear is always towards me when I pray, He has never failed to be therefor me with a listening ear. In His Word it says that He NEVER fails, that fact will never change. On and on I could go but it’s just that simple… Jesus never changes. He is not capable of it!


I hope this stirs you to think about the concrete fact that He is faithful and there is no changing in Him. The world may change and we all well know that it is. There may be things that are changing and it is beyond your control to make it the way it was. But take comfort in the fact that the God of the Universe NEVER changes…it’s that simple.


Hebrews 13:8

Living Bible (TLB)

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. “

(a revised, archived devotional from October, 2013)