“It Is A GOOD Thing To Give Thanks To the Lord!!!”

Chickadee praying Nov 2013

by Dona Hake

Earlier this month I was able to capture this shot from my kitchen window.  Oh how I love watching my feathered friends of the outdoors!  It almost looks like he is saying a prayer as he sits on the ground feeder.  I am amazed at how trusting they are of my presence because they can see me watching them.  Even though there seems to be a one to two day time for them to acclimate to any changes I impose, they quickly adjust.  They adjust simply because I have been faithful to feed them winter, spring, summer and fall.

This past week I was dealing with a very hectic schedule and my routine of feeding them got a little off schedule.  The one morning I woke up and noticed how strange it was that not one of them was on the deck eating.  No…there was one Mourning Dove sitting patiently just waiting.  These are the characters that will actually sit lined up and glare into the window at me if the right “stuff” isn’t there for them.  The night before it was windy and almost all the feeders were empty because seed was blown away.  I quickly went out and fed them and within a matter of  minutes there was a Tufted Titmouse, Nuthatch, Chickadee, and a Red Finch dining on the deck.  I have read where they will actually sit and watch in the trees and wait till you fill the feeders.

This all reminded me of how God is so faithful as He daily provides for us.  He notices us and observes whether we are waiting for Him.   As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week let us be mindful that our eyes on looking to Him for His provision in our lives.  Let us wait patiently for Him especially on those days where the “winds” of this life throw things out of kilter.  God is good, God is faithful, and blessed are those that trust in Him!

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