“In His Timing”

Wait, Rest, Receive Christian Background

by Dona Hake

We are so blessed and yet I can say at times that some blessings have spoiled us. What do you mean spoil us? I am glad you asked!!! I love all the modern conveniences that I am blessed with. The microwave makes dinner come quicker, and there are days that I certainly appreciate that. We go through the drive through window and we no sooner hand our money, our bag of food is being handed to us (sometimes even thrown at us!). Short and simple…we are way too used to reaching for something and we do not have to wait for it. Modern conveniences can spoil us in a way that we forget the importance of patiently waiting.

I think this has sadly spilled over into our attitude toward our loving God and how we see Him dealing with us. We pray a prayer and if it does not happen in the timing we projected in our mind, and immediately we are tempted to think that He did not hear our prayer. Maybe He answers our prayer and it was not how you imagined and you may be tempted to be disappointed with how He decided to solve your problem.

We must always remind ourselves that He has His timing, His wisdom and His understanding of exactly how to deal with us and the issues in life that we face. I thank God for the times that God seemed to delay answering certain prayers because along the journey of my wait He was working out other issues in my life. Many times He used those waiting times to bring my eyes to focus on areas of my life that needed His divine attention in order that He may help me in another area that I was not aware of. Be encouraged when you pray and remember to wait, rest, and you will receive!