“If Your Eye Is Pure…”

eye full of light

by Dona Hake


Sometimes our eyes can deceive us.  We can think we are perceiving things properly but truth is we are seeing things from the wrong perspective or improper thinking.  There are many things that can cloud our eyes from seeing things how God sees them.


Here is an example of seeing things incorrectly.  We have heard it said that worry casts a big shadow on small things.  Really when you think about it worry causes us to perceive “His  light”  and the truth of the matter incorrectly.    Worry has the ability to magnify things and distort the truth.  When there is a problem and we allow the light of His Word to shine on it, we will always be able to embrace an attitude of victory and not worry.


God desires that we see everything in proper perspective and the only way that will happen is if we see things through His eyes.    I guarantee you that as we ask Him to help us see, our perspective on everything will be correct.  Today I encourage you to ask Him to fill your eyes with light…His light.


Psalm 119:18 (VOICE) 
“Let me see clearly so that I may take in
the amazing things coming from Your law.”


There are so many wonderful things in His Word for us to learn.  We can never think we know it all for all that we do know He can continue to increase by taking us to greater depths.  Let us pray that we see more clearly that we can take in all of God’s awesomeness that He is and Has provided!  He desires that every part of our being to  be full of light.


Matthew 6:22-23
 “If your eye is pure, there will be sunshine in your soul.”