“He Anoints My Head With Oil”

He anoints my head Aby Dona Hake

I have an image in my mind of the troubled sheep standing submissively under the shepherd’s hands as he pours fresh oil down over his woolly forehead. As the shepherd gently rubs it into his head he is assured that his sheep will be protected from torments that come from a particular pestilence. The shepherd well knows and understands how his sheep can be troubled by nose flies. These little flies buzz about the sheep’s head attempting to deposit their eggs on the damp, mucous membranes of the nasal passages. If they succeed the worm-like larvae work their way up into the the sheep’s head. It is then that the intense irritation cause extreme inflammation to the poor sheep. There is extreme torment and pain for this poor sheep that has been afflicted with this nasty parasite.



I think of the daily cares that seem to swarm around our heads and torment us as well. Many times we are tempted to worry about things before they even happen. We try at times to put things out of our minds yet thoughts that are not dealt with eventually take root and get bigger. We must purpose ourselves to daily stay under our caring Shepherd’s loving hands. Allow Him to pour the oil of His loving Spirit over you and permeate your mind, heart, and soul.



It is as we spend time with Him that we will receive our daily anointing of His fresh Spirit in our lives. Allow His fresh and sweet presence to anoint your soul that you are resisting picking up cares and any other tormenting things that seem to bring you down.