“Goodness and Mercy Shall Follow Me”

goodness and mercy follow me

by Dona Hake

“SURELY goodness and mercy SHALL follow me all the days of my life.”

As we have walked through each precious verse of Psalm 23 we can be most assured that we serve a faithful, loving Shepherd!  Because He is so good, we can most assuredly say “only goodness and mercy WILL follow me.”

If you have lived any length of time on this earth you can testify to the fact that there will be tests and there will be trials.  Nevertheless, our Shepherd has promised to follow us around with His goodness and His mercy.  Many times trials can test our confidence in Christ, but we must remember that He will never give up on us.  Even though we fall, He has promised to lift us back up and restore us again.

His goodness and mercy should not only follow us but we should have it flowing through us.  I believe that we can vessels of His goodness and mercy even to those that you may feel are undeserving of it.    I leave you with two questions to ask yourself and ponder…How do you deposit the blessings you have received into the lives of others? And can others see that you are  being followed by His goodness and mercy?  I find these two questions very challenging and I want to think about them on a regular basis in order to keep my heart challenged…how about you?