“Going God’s Way”

one foot in front

by Dona Hake


Many of you know well that I have a love for birds, and I love feeding them.  I have so many different species that come to my feeders and I love watching and observing their behavior.  Recently, I have welcomed Catbirds and I am really enjoying them.   I was having my morning coffee and I heard a hard bang on my deck window and as I walked over to see, I was holding my breath that I was not going to find a dead bird.   I dreaded going to glance out the  window because I hate seeing anything suffer or lose it’s life.   I was surprised to find one of the little Catbirds sitting on the deck looking around quite dumbfounded and you could tell she did not know what hit her.  She saw me and glanced my way, and I just stood and observed her.  She just stayed quiet and little by little looked around.  She sat there observing other birds coming and going and did not move.  Finally, she lifted up her wings and flew away.  Whewwwww!  I took a deep sigh of relief!


This little incident blessed me with  a little analogy to share with you today.  Sometimes we too can think we are perceiving that we are going the right way to find ourselves running into “windows” or dead ends.  Things like this can blindside us especially if we feel we are on the right path, yet it happens.    Sometimes our wrong perception of things could get us into trouble.  Maybe we are not paying as close attention to things as we should and we  end up being stopped suddenly without warning.   We can learn from this because there will be  times when we are taken off guard in life or hit hard with circumstances beyond our control.


A little observation I made of my little recovering “feathered friend” was how she sat so quietly and was cautious not to move until she knew she could.  She just kept still, observed quietly what was going on and waited till the right moment.  She knew exactly the right time to try and fly again.   It was almost like she instinctively knew when it was safe to take flight  again.  Let us learn as well in those situations that cause us confusion or when we feel we lack wisdom in a situation .     Let us be still, patiently wait and when we get our strength and direction back, He will cause us to soar again by His strength and He will keep us strong.


Psalm 17:4-5 (MSG)
” I’m not trying to get my way
in the world’s way.
I’m trying to get your way,
your Word’s way.
I’m staying on your trail;
I’m putting one foot
In front of the other.
I’m not giving up.”