“God Our Help”

God my help

by Dona Hake


Today I want to encourage you to ask God for His help in every area of your life.   Allow no area to be untouched by His loving and powerful hand.     The Word says that if we seek Him early, we shall find Him.  This is referring to His wisdom and may we be reminded that we can not live apart from His divine wisdom.


May we always keep ourselves in a place of knowing that we can do nothing apart from His help.   It is only Him that can give or provide for us that which is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy our needs.    As we pray for His help we can rely on Him as we depend upon Him confidently.  Today I leave you with a simple yet precious prayer that is special to me.


“Help me to live this day quietly and easily;

To lean upon Thy great strength trustfully and restfully,

To wait for the unfolding of Thy will patiently and serenely,

To meet others peacefully and joyously;

And to face tomorrow confidently and courageously.”



Asking Him to live  quietly and easily is not referring to wanting everything comfy but rather that we flow in His peace and strength no matter what we face.  As we lean upon Him, He will show Himself strong.  As we meet each day looking up to Him, He will unfold His will to us as we go throughout our day and He will be faithful to explain the details of it’s course.  Know that He not only gives us the confidence and courage to make it through this day, but He will strengthen our heart for another one in the power of His Name!

~~~~~     ♥    ~~~~~~