“Early Will I Seek”

Wisdom seek early

by Dona Hake

Wisdom is one of the most powerful things we can embrace.  It is the  ability to know exactly what to do in a situation.  It will bless your heart because you know the word you just spoke to a friend in need was exactly what they needed to hear.   It is knowing in your heart that you have a peace to step out in a specific direction or new path because you feel it is the voice of wisdom speaking to you.    When things seem confusing and without answer, God desires to shed His wisdom to help you walk through whatever it is you are dealing with.

One thing the Bible clearly states throughout Proverbs about wisdom is that it is to be sought after and held as valuable as a jewel.  One can embrace wisdom and yet be fooled by people’s opinions or the voice of circumstance and turn from wisdom’s way.   Over and over Proverbs emphasizes the need to embrace wisdom.  Don’t let it go!  Clearly God understands our human nature that we can tend to look to doing things our own way or we are  moved by what we see and not what He sees.

Proverbs 8:17 (NASB)

 “I love those who love me;

And those who diligently seek me will find me.”

Wisdom desires to be loved and embraced.  Wisdom desires to be sought after with one’s whole heart.   I would like to share a handful of translations of how wisdom desires to be sought after.

 (NLV)  “…those who look for me with much desire will find me.”

 (VOICE)   “… those who search hard for me will find me.”

 (WYC) “…and they who wake up early to seek me, shall find me.”

(YLT)”… And those seeking me earnestly do find me.”

Let us look straight to the Lord for His wisdom for our lives each and everyday!

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