Devotional for Thursday, May 3, 2018

Devotional for Thursday, May 3, 2018
“His Work and Ways In the Unseen Places”
“But You, Eternal One, wrap around me like
an impenetrable shield. You give me glory
and lift my eyes up to the heavens.”
Psalm 3:3 – the Voice
Even though we walk through valleys at times, He wraps around us like an impenetrable shield, His glory is upon us, and He takes His loving hands and lifts our face towards the heavens for HE IS the glory and the lifter of our heads!
It is in the valleys of life that a deep work can take place within us…if we permit Him to do so. Yes…we can walk through trials and come out with a testimony, and our spiritual roots in spite of the trial become deeper in Him. 
Now I will share with you once again from my notes from a Friday evening in North Wales many years ago. If we desire to be used by God, He will work deep within us, He will lovingly go after anything that would hinder Him working purely and powerfully within our hearts. He works His ways in His divine wisdom as He changes our hearts and works in the unseen and untouched places of our hearts.
(notes I took from the ministry of Arthur Burt)
The cross is married to the crown. If you want to go to the mountain tops, He will take you to the valley. If the purpose of His glory is one thousand  feet up, He will take you one thousand feet down. If at one thousand feet down you begin to squeal  “Why am I going through this?”   or “Where is God in all of this?”  This is the point in height that you may be tempted to take God’s glory, and be tempted to pride. To the degree or depth you have allowed God to crucify  your flesh, this will be the degree of glory that He will allow you to carry.
Our Lord desires that we exhibit His light and glory in every word and deed we do for Him. May our hearts always be…”To God be the glory!” Yesterday I shared with you from Psalm 51:6 “… In the unseen places deep within me You show me wisdom.“ It is many times when we are in the valleys and we have no more strength, that just like Paul we acknowledge our weakness and begin to feel His strength, His glory, and His wonderful work with in our hearts. Yes!!! it is in those times that we can declare that He is working in the unseen places deep within us, and it is a good thing. He is working in areas and growing our roots deeper into the ground, and our height in spirit will give glory to His Name!!
Today I encourage you to continue to permit the Lord to work a deep work in your heart in those unseen places that He may reveal His glory through your actions and words in Jesus Name!