“…Bring My Soul Out of Prison…”

soul imprisoned

by Dona Hake

As we have just celebrated the glorious holiday Easter, we have been reminded in our hearts of all that Jesus did for us.  We celebrate our freedom from sin and the wonderful fact that He has made us overcomers in this life.   Sadly there are times we fail to realize that He desires we be free in every area and aspect of our lives.  Our minds and hearts may be held prisoner by many different things, and we may fail to realize that we are still in bondage.  Let us beware of such a thing and desire the freedom and abundant life He desires us to have.

I want to take you to a scripture that David had written when he was hiding from Saul in caves.  These may have seemed like prisons to him because of the confinement.  He was losing hope, and bound in fear and depression.  There may be times that we are caught in depression, fear, unforgiveness, etc…

Psalm 142:6-7
“Attend unto my cry, for I am brought very low; deliver

me from my persecutors, for they are stronger than I.
Bring my soul out of prison, that I may celebrate thy name.

The righteous shall surround me, because thou dealest bountifully with me.”

One thing we must understand is that a prison is not just a physical place where one is paying a price for a wrong done.  There can be “prisons” within our hearts and minds that those around you do not even know  exist.   You know, we can learn to hide things very well at times and act like everything is okay.     Yet there are  times there are unspoken thoughts that are wrong and you embrace them.  They roam your mind freely and let me make emphasis on the word *freely*.  They may be free in your mind but they are imprisoning you and keeping you from staying humble to God.  Maybe there is unforgiveness in your heart that you refuse to release…again it is your own prison.  There is also the horrible effects that fear can have on one’s heart and make one feel prisoner.

Let us remind ourselves that we were meant to be free in Jesus Christ.  It is only by Him that we can be free.  Let us never be afraid to ask the Lord to “bring our soul out of prison.”  He knows our heart and mind inside and out and He loves us so much.

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