“As Far As the East Is to the West”

Forgiven_0009_Group 1

by Dona Hake

Throughout November I would like to share about things I am thankful for. I am so thankful for the price Jesus paid at the cross that I can be forgiven. Yet I think of the many times that I receive forgiveness but have a hard time forgiving myself.  Have you ever done that?

I am so thankful that He believes in fresh starts and He is so merciful to us.  Our sins can be forgiven and as far as the east is from the west, He remembers no more.

I can still remember our one little dog we had.  He was such a sensitive dog and always wanted to please us yet every once and a while he would get into trouble.  One day I returned from teaching at school and I walked through the door exhausted.  Right in the middle of the floor was a big pile of kleenex carefully chewed up and left for me to see.  Our little dog every so often would decide to exhibit his anger for being alone during the day and would head to the garbage can and do his shredding skills.  I verbally told him that he was a bad boy!  He tucked his tail, lowered his little head, and the sad eyes were just tearing me up.  “Don’t you do that again!” I said.  I proceeded to love on him and he still looked so guilty and exhibited body language for me to follow him.  Into another room he led me to another one of his carefully shredded messes.  After I scolded him for that one and warned him,  “No more of this!”  I gently reached down and pet him to let him know I still loved him.

It was not until he felt I saw it all that his conscience was clear and he went on about his little day.  I just will never forget that because it was so precious.  We too must always make sure that all we feel wrong about is taken to the Lord that we can be forgiven.  The Lord desires we be totally cleansed and He does not want us to live in guilt and torment.  Again I want to mention the importance of forgiving yourself.    I am ever so thankful for His mercy and loving forgiveness that is always there for me no matter how bad I mess up.  God is good.


Psalm 103:12 (CEB)   “As far as east is from west— that’s how far God has removed our sin from us.”