Our Mission & Vision

We welcome you to come worship with us at
The Abundant Life Center. Our Vision is to be fruitful
for the glory of God by sowing God’s Word to our heart
and our lives to the world.

We seek to provide you with anointed teaching
of God’s Word which will change your life. My heart is
to see each one grow spiritually and become mature in
Jesus Christ.

We believe we are called to be a house of prayer.
Prayer is vital for the release of the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
We are committed to both personal and corporate prayer.

We embrace the importance of the family and the
family of God worshipping together. We also provide various
events and meetings to strengthen you that you can continue in
the will of God for your life.



Missions is very important to us at the Abundant Life Center. First, we all are commanded to go into the world where God has put us and be a witness of Christ’s life and love.

Second, together we support various missionaries as God has ordained relationships with them.

Third, we send people out to go minister God’s Word to the nations
including the Pastor as he goes to minister in churches, bible schools,
and pastor’s meetings.

We also support an orphanage in India.



1. The Bible is the inspired Word of God and by it all doctrine is established.
2. There is one true God who is revealed in three persons:
Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.
3. Our Heavenly Father is Creator, Almighty, Eternal, and a God of love. 

4. Jesus is the Son of God. He was the Word made flesh, born of
a virgin who lived a sinless life. Jesus died as our substitute for sin
and was raised from the dead victorious over sin, the devil,and death.
Jesus now reigns as Lord and Head of the church.

5. Salvation from sin and death is provided for man through the
redemptive work of Jesus Christ. We receive salvation by grace
through faith. Our salvation provides for forgiveness, healing,
authority over the devil, peace, and fellowship with God.

6. The Holy Spirit works to convict the world of sin, righteousness
and judgement and to guide believers in truth. We believe in the
baptism of the Holy Spirit with believers being filled with the Spirit,
empowered to live for Christ, and manifesting the gifts of the Spirit.

7. There is an eternal destiny of heaven with God and His
angels for believers and hell for unbelievers along with
Satan and his fallen angels.



Pastor Bill for publications

Pastor Bill Hake