Devotional for Friday, July 22, 2016
“A God That Only Sees Possibilities”
moving mountains
by Dona Hake
In this life we will all face those times of things that just seem impossible.   Our reasoning minds immediately conclude that something cannot be done and that is the end of it.   There are things that ARE impossible and there are things that SEEM impossible.  As I have worked with small children for so many years I have heard that cry of frustration one too many times “I can’t do it!”   I have seen this in the realm of working with children artistically.   Many times it is not that the child can not do it, it is just that they need help walking through the steps of getting to the end result.  I had something happen the other day with  my oldest Granddaughter.   She was trying to balance herself on one foot.   She kept losing her balance and then getting frustrated.    I told her to simply find an object in the room, and fix her eyes on it and I assured her that as she focused on it that it will help her.    She was amazed how much that helped her balance and the length of time that she could stand on one foot alone.   I caught her one time trying it and she stood so long and she looked so pleased with herself!    What seemed impossible to do now seemed a bit believable.
God sees those things that frustrate us in this life yet He calls upon us to trust Him alone, and He will instruct us in the way that may seem impossible to us.   Many times those impossible moments can be met with His gentle wisdom and instruction if we only calm down and listen to His voice.    I want to share a little story  with you that came with a little Bumblebee charm I bought for my one Granddaughter.   I found it to be inspiring…
The Bumblebee Cannot Fly
“According to the law 
of aerodynamics 
the bumblebee cannot fly;
its body is too heavy for its wings
and that’s the simply reason why.
But the bumblebee does not know this fact,
and so it flies anyway for all to see.
Remember this when you’re losing hope
God’s proof of the impossible can be.”
A.S. Waldrop
I love that one of God’s smallest  creatures that He created is here to remind us that it is rising above the realm of impossible every time it flies.   Now every time I see a little Bumblebee in my garden I am reminded that this little creature simply should not be able to fly yet it flies anyway!    The little Bumblebee never read about the law of aerodynamics, he is just doing what God created him to do!    Today let us remember that wonderful possibilities can be birthed from impossibilities  because we serve a God that says nothing is impossible to Him.