Devotional for Wednesday, July 13, 2016

“When Expectations Meet Reality”



by Dona Hake

We can probably all share of the times in our lives that we had high expectations, and in the end your heart was left down for it did not go as you planned.   How we react to those disappointments will either upset us or just make us a bit stronger inside.   Maybe you are an achieving personality and you have the to do lists and you plan your day well, but at the end of the day your expectations did not happen.   Children too can build things up as they look forward to them, and their little hearts can be so disappointed if their dreams are not fulfilled.
I will share a little story about our parrot JJ.    She watches everything so closely in our home, and she looks forward to certain things.    She knows our schedule, and pretty well understands more than what we can imagine.   Such a smart little thing she is!   I was told by a very wise woman that raises and understands parrots that to never get them too used to a routine, because if they like it too much and you break it…well let’s just say they are not the happy feathered campers. This is why I NEVER feed her at the same time everyday.
JJ  knows my routine in the morning and one morning it was totally different. A bit more rushing and I quickly began to leave for an appointment and I walked over to her cage to say goodbye and she snapped the side of her cage in anger rather than her usual affectionate little goodbyes that I get. She just did not want me to leave her.   My parting words with her were “That was not very nice JJ!” Out the door I went and even when I came home I am usually greeted with little happy whistles and her jumping around. I walked over to her cage and she just kept her back turned and would not even look at me. You see, she had an expectation based on what “she thought” should happen. She was indeed a disappointed and mad little parrot that day.
We can all relate to having expectations on how we think something should go. Maybe you experienced this over past holidays or vacation time.   Regardless if you did or not, I am sure it has happened to you some other time in your life. Sometimes when our expectations that are based on the ideal meet up with the real it can be a very big disappointment.
There is one fact we must all face and that is …disappointments will happen. It is what we do with our disappointments that makes all the difference. It is so important to just move on and not permit anything to hinder or rob our joy. It is of great consolation that our Lord well understands our disappointments and as we take them to Him, He will help us walk through them.     May we live in the presence and joy of the Lord seeking His strength no matter what is going on around us.   Oh that we would grow in the knowledge of Him, and our the expectation of our hearts rest in the hope that He has for us.   God is good and worthy of all praise!