Friday, November 23, 2018

Devotional for Friday, November 23, 2018
by Dona Hake
God’s Word is true, and He is faithful to it. He promises that He will stand behind it, and He will never change or waver. Even as our Lord promises His faithfulness to His Word, there are those that seek to figure their problems out in their own ability. They have come to trust themselves rather than God for life’s answers.
God Word is a powerful seed!  We need to plant it, and permit it to flourish within us that we will be thriving in the blessings He has intended for us. His Word will not lose its potency due to time or the increasing knowledge this world has to offer as a solution to our problems.
I recently read where this individual watched a documentary on Egypt. It showed how wheat seed was found in pyramids. These seeds were dated to approximately 2,500 BC. It was amazing to hear that when the seeds were planted in fertile soil, the 4,500 year old seeds grew!   And so it is with the Word of our Lord…how awesome it is to know that God’s Word does not lose its potency overtime but He continues to powerfully reproduce His kingdom in the lives of those who purpose to sow it.  I encourage you today to purpose to diligently sow God’s Word within your heart that it may grow and flourish in your life and keep you standing strong in Jesus Name!