“He Shall Be a Sanctuary”

Jesus Our Sanctuary

by Dona Hake


When I think about a sanctuary, I think about a place of refuge. Yesterday I shared that He is our hiding place so this goes hand in hand with that meditation. Have you ever had times where there may be confusion and stress all about you and you wish you could just escape it? I know we have all been in those situations yet as a believer we can humbly bow our hearts in prayer and escape to that place that He has prepared for us to abide in. We do not have to run away from problems, we can be in the midst of them and maintain complete peace.


Many times people wait until they are so stressed out and their body has become worn down physically before they decide to seek God’s direction and comfort. I believe that God desires for us to be on top of things and He desires that we desire to live in a constant state of peace and serenity.


Throughout your day I encourage you to stay aware of His precious presence. I believe that the place He has provided for us is a place of perfect peace and no matter what goes on about you that peace need not be disrupted.

Isaiah 8:14 (KJ21)

“And He shall be for you a sanctuary…”