“Allow Him to Direct the Work of Your Hands”

beauty of the lord upon us

by Dona Hake

Over the next few days you will hear much of people making resolutions.  If one makes a resolution it is of utmost importance that it is coupled with a desire to accomplish it or follow through with it.  My thoughts on this are to live each day as unto Him and do that which He is speaking to your heart about.  Do not get me wrong, I think it is great to make plans and goals but I kind of love staying in that place of living one day at a time knowing that I have His hand of blessing on all that I set my hand to, and everything else seems to fall into the right place.

Psalm 90:17
“And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us,

and direct thou the work of our hands upon us…”

I believe as we allow His beauty or His grace to be upon us He will direct the work of our hands.  He will begin to deal with how we view everything.   He is well able to put us in alignment with His will as we stay humble to Him. He will in turn cause all that we set our hand to to be blessed and prosperous.    If there are things in your life relative to disciplines that you desire change in, I just encourage you to prayerfully take them to Him.  Let Him do the changing and bring growth in His timing.